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[Game] Magic Country – fairy farm

Magic CountryDive into the secret country of magic! Evolve fairy farm to spellcraft city and magic township. Build mystery fantasy town, a secret city of magic. Craft magic Instead hayday and become wizard or witch! Inhabit magic country with your favourite characters: wizards and witches, dragons and princesses, elves and goblins, fairies and dwarves!

Invite the brave hero to the hearthstone. Build an ancient forge to make cool artifacts. Tell your own pocket casual saga about the coc realm. Sell away magic balz to pirate and help to solve a magic puzzle quest. Enchant a simple thing with your own rpg like iclicker and become the Emperor of the classic fantasy happy sims.

This game is about click and cash! You can get it by any of those tactics: tap, swipe or good coin investment! The dwarven gold mine also will help you! Rpg games or dungeon and dragon idl game? Try to build your own cute fantasy playground. Chillout and play.

Top features:

Great art.
Mix of clicking games and fantasy world.
A lot of houses and upgrades.
Magic bubbles.
Easier than a tedious match 3 games.
Played both online and offline without wifi!
Join the community of foranj fans.
Get free gems if you play our other games.

Get your own spells and share your hidden kingdom with your friends.

Magic Country user reviews :

This game is good but it takes time before you can open the buildings because it needs some items to open it and you will find it that item is from higher level.In upgrading the storage, make sure that the items needed is easily to find.There are few persons that roaming around in fact you can’t open the new building if your worker is not enough..It needs to be balance.I hope you will find solution in this problem.However, I feel interesting in this game. Thank you!

I would give this 5 stars if I hadn’t lost my progress saved on Facebook. It successfully transferred from my old to new phone but somehow my app got deleted off my new phone and when I reinstalled it and connected to Facebook again I lost ALL my progress and I had alot of progress. I really don’t want to have to do it all again. I reported the problem days ago and still haven’t had any response back. I think I’m going to be done with the game. Its alot of time and I even spent money it.

I am very happy when this game is downloading.when it downloads it was awesome.I can’t tell you that how much I am enjoying it .Everything was superb the graphics, the gameplay, the control actually the full game was awesome. The editors, developers and the full cast who made this game thanks a lot for this game and you’re doing very well.

I have sat for about a week not being able to do anything because the storage is a load of rubbish!!!! I can’t sell my goods either so my storage is full and all of my recently made items haven’t been collected in a week which means I can’t progress in the game as I can’t collect or make and as for gems you don’t give enough gems to purchase items I need 14 gems to upgrade and don’t receive any gems at all… my houses can’t be built because of lack of building items and I can’t put my population up to buy new machines or items so I’m proper stuck… Think I will delete

Most games like this I see on playstore I don’t think I’ll like, but said, if I don’t like I’ll just delete it. I stared playing and just so fun and cute. Win a lot of coins and tools. Free try it you’ll have fun.

Big hugs to the devs of this game. I love it. So cute and the characters tickle me the way they act. It’s a lot of fun and a good way to relax. This one is a keeper for me

might have given more stars but game doesn’t give you the things you need to finish building the houses and other things for to long a period of time

I’m really enjoying this game. Graphics are beautiful. Gameplay is smooth and very relaxing. No stress which is what I’m looking for.

  • Thanks a lot!

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