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Timpy ShoppingGo shopping in the Timpy Supermarket – Shopping mall games for kids! Play Supermarket Kids Shopping Mall Games, pick groceries, toys, and more, and have fun in the kid’s superstore.

Feel the excitement of going shopping and playing kids shopping mall games with our brand-new supermarket games. These superstore games feature lots of different places to explore, and there are many different products and groceries to purchase. This is the ideal spot to hang out with friends while also purchasing a wide variety of items, including games, books, stationery, clothing, and food. You can get everything you are looking for in the Timpy Supermarket – Shopping mall games.

Check out the different superstore sections you can explore in our shopping center games for kids:

Kitchen Shopping Games

Time to stock up the pantry with groceries! Head to the supermarket shopping mall and buy groceries, fruits, snacks, cheese, desserts, and more in our grocery games. Put all your items in the cart and head to the billing section. Make the payment by playing cashier games. Have a fun time picking your favourite groceries and playing cashier games. These cashier games are a great way to learn sorting and matching.

Toy Room Shopping Center

Are you looking for new toys? Quick, head to the supermarket and buy all the toys you like in our kids supermarket. Check out the new additions in the toy section. There are lots of toys to choose from. Helicopters, wooden horses, bowling pins, rubber ducks, dolls, beach balls, teddy bears..get them all in our supermarket games. Take home your favorite toys by scanning and playing cashier games at the billing counter.

Bathroom Superstore

You seem to be running low on supplies. It’s time to go back to the shopping center and purchase some more. You can find the products you’re searching for in our learning game for toddlers by going to the part of the shopping mall that is dedicated to bathrooms. Have you used up the toothpaste? Check out the top shelf and pick out some toothpaste for yourself. Do you fancy trying out a different brand of soap and shampoo? Choose the ones that you like most from among the various options that are available in our kindergarten games.

Study Room Superstore

Did you check out the latest stationeries in the shopping mall? Get all the amazing books, pencils, colors, and other items before they disappear! Buy amazing notebooks in beautiful patterns and cover designs in the kids supermarket. Look at those crayons! Bring your friends with you and go on a shopping spree in our learning game for toddlers. Fill your study room with brand new items and stationeries from the supermarket.

Home Decor Shopping Center

In the Timpy Superstore, the home decor section is really fun. Kids can choose from lots of colorful items like wallpapers, curtains, and furniture to decorate rooms. It’s a simple way for kids to learn about decorating and to use their imagination.

Here’s what makes our learning game for toddlers perfect for your kids and toddlers:
Children and toddlers can touch, drag, and drop all items in our shopping center games for kids
Our learning games for kids help develop hand-eye coordination, logic, and reasoning skills from an early age
Perfect preschool games for the little ones to get their daily dose of mental workout
This kids shopping mall helps boost creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills
These learning games for kids feature 100% kid-friendly content
Children can play these preschool cashier games and grocery games anytime and anywhere

Teach your little one to shop for groceries, home decor, stationary, bathroom essentials, and much more with our exciting shopping center games for kids. Download Supermarket Kids Shop Games and go on a superstore shopping adventure.

Timpy Shopping user reviews :

This kids supermarket game is an absolute delight for children! It’s the perfect grocery shopping game for kids that combines education and entertainment. The graphics and colors are very attractive and controls are very easy to use which makes this game ideal shopping games for kids. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun and educational game for their kids.

My 5 year old niece enjoys this app! She can now recognize objects in real life too! She insists on shopping and adding products in the cart when we’re in a supermarket

Super fun supermarket game for kids. It teaches them real life skills. My niece love the game.

It is indeed a fun shopping apps for kids! Liked the combination of learning and fun entertaining game for kids!!!!

Awesome game for kids really love it my 4 year old son enjoying this game best free game for kids with simple learning puzzle

This grocery shopping game is beautifully designed for kids. Highly reccommended!

Best supermarket shopping game for kids Loved it!

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