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Tiny BrowserWelcome to the tiniest web browser for Android with built-in accessibility features.

Believe it or not, this internet explorer is under one-tenth of an MB (0.1mb) in size! It is 100% ad-free (no ads), fast and does not require any unnecessary device permissions. You can use it for light browsing when you don’t need full-fledged features of chrome or firefox.

If you find it difficult to read small size text on web pages in your mobile, Tiny Browser allows zooming the contents and text on any web page so that it is more readable. Use it to read long news articles, web sites etc. without straining your eyes.

Viewing in zoomed modes also saves you data bandwidth when viewing videos or images in web pages. If you prefer the normal view, you can switch to the non-zoomed view anytime.

In spite of being tiny, it offers facilities such as storing bookmarks, to specifying preferred search engine, clearing browsing history, fullscreen browsing and using volume keys to scroll webpages.

Check it out today!

The browser supports http websites. Due to this reason, it supports transmission of non-encrypted data in non SSL-enabled sites. This intended behavior can be incorrectly flagged by anti-virus programs as an app issue. Read about our privacy policy here:
panagola.wordpress.com/privacy-tiny-browser/ or panagola.in/privacy/tinybrowser/

Tiny Browser user reviews :

So tiny and does almost everything possible. Can’t expect it to compete with chrome because Chrome is handled by dominating Google, which doesn’t allow some webs to open through any other browser so downloading chrome becomes a compulsion.

Great browser. Opened every site that I tried. It’s amazing that it is working so nice with just 50 kb size. I didn’t like only one thing, that is small circle at the bottom. Kindly provide the option to remove it and I will change my rating from 4 to 5. P.S. : unable to open motorola’s official website.

  • Thank you for the feedback. We have eliminated the full-screen button altogether. Now it intuitively hides the title bar when you scroll. Please upgrade to the latest version. support[at]panagola.com

I’ve installed it twice now and I’ve used it and I like it. I first got it because I needed a browser for an older device that would take up less storage space. So far I’ve encountered no flaws, no glitches, no bugs and it has never crashed on me.

Excellent (6 stars) webview interface, intuitive reload, thanks a lot for removing orange address bar button but annoying address bar should only be displayed at the top/bottom edges scroll positions, ideally in an intuitive round Robin manner.

I really like all of this developer’s apps, and appreciate all of their creative efforts towards small, uninvasive apps. Thank you. Tiny Browser could still be tiny if it included Dark Mode, or at least followed the device default, couldn’t it? Please?

  • Thank you! Will check out the dark mode option.

Neat little no-fuss browser. Does everything with a minimum of settings. (And the developers are quite responsive to any suggestions!

  • As suggested, we have added an option to set auto hide behavior of the address bar. Please upgrade to the latest version. Thank you. support[at]panagola.com

I like it but I just can’t find a way to set it as my default browser when I open links [edit- fixed now. Thanks, developer. Good job!]

  • That’s great! Thank you for letting us know. support[at]panagola.in

It’s a fast browser but I think it was designed for older android devices which is why the text is so large other than that it was great

  • Hi, the text is made large for easy reading. You can change the zoom level in Settings.

So far so good, just one issue it appeared that Google did not let me sign in my linkedin account in the web version due to the fact this tiny browser is not allowed , why is that?

Browser is really small in size, but didn’t unfortunately worked on my phone.. It stopped all by itself and closed.

Great tiny browser!. In future would it be possible to implement some adblocking, more regular updates, open BETA testing to try new features!?

Love it! Exactly what I needed: small and lightweight move browser! It is perfect!

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