Toms Can Smash – Drop all targets and challenge the next level

[Game] Toms Can Smash

Hit the target with the ball and drop it down.

Drop all targets and challenge the next level!

Game Features

Simple, fun casual game
500 stages and various missions
Easy and simple operation to play with one hand
No limit to play, play as much as you can!
You can play even without internet connection
Support tablet
Supports 14 languages



Toms Can Smash user reviews :

I’m BEGGING you, please add a “skip stage” option or an “undo last throw” button. I’ve been stuck on level 260 for a month and just want to uninstall this app since I can’t progress.

The game is more tougher as it gets going I do appreciate the developer’s tricky strategy in desgning the arrangement of cans and the balls provided. It looks simple but more strategical one

I wlda given it 5 stars but after so many levels its not fun anymore when they make it totally difficult to pass a level!! Im not going to stay on this level forever so it sucks but going to uninstall!

I love this game. I been playing for about a week or so and I am now stuck on level 346. I don’t think it’s even possible to pass it. You really should have a way to skip a level. Bcuz I cannot progress , I’ve been going back and playing the levels I’ve already passed but now I’m bored. Going to uninstall soon.

I would give it a 4 but level 314 is impossible to do. With what six balls I’ve been in it forever now. And there’s just no way it can be done and s I’m stuck maybe someone should look at it it gives me serious rage when I can not complete a level do to lack of balls

Probably my favorite can knockdown game so far. Occasionally, the game physics seem a little off but overall very enjoyable.

Really challenging and nice that you can get extra balls if you watch an ad, it’s saved me a few times

Would be five stars except after level 316, 307 comes back. So I can’t get any further. Please fix and I will change it to five stars.

I have loved the game. But I cannot get thru level 305. Please someone help me. I’ve tried everything, obviously have missed something.

i barely started playing this game iam only on level 11 its too soon for me to leave you guys a real review and if its important for you guys to have the players hurry and leave a quick review then it wouldnt be real review right now but i will get back at you guys with one.

Good practice game for coordination and aim.

Great game, limited ads. Casual, no internet needed. Good graphics.

Very good game, nice graphics, game runs and works well and not many ads, I like it

I have just installed this game and I am in level 5 yet uninstalling it ther are lot of balls running and coming while hitting a target and no undo button so not recommended

Graphic’s amazing and a very good game easy to play and very addictive

Having a great time smashing cans. I like how I can practice my aim.

Tom’s Can Smash is a really Fun Game I just love smashing the cans play it.

If you could turn music off and just hear the cans smash it would be fab

Fun and relaxing game. Thank you for developing this game!

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