Jewelry Maker – Create beautiful Jewellery

[Game] Jewelry Maker

Jewelry MakerEmbody a Jeweller and create beautiful jewelry for your customers

1. Search the dirt for rocks
2. Cut the Stone
3. Polish it
4. Pour the burning metal in a ring shape
5. Create beautiful Jewellery
6. Sell them at the best price

Sell your creations and acquire better stones.
VIP customers may visit your shop one day, who knows?

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Jewelry Maker user reviews :

I love the game and the way it plays. It would get a better rating if it didn’t crash after a lot of the ads though. After some ads the game will try and load back on but it will just be frozen, resulting in having to close the game completely and start a new jewel. It’s extremely frustrating. And there are a lot of ads. Other than that, the game is super fun

This game is AMAZING! It’s everything I expected it to be. The graphics are great and the gameplay is awesome and the game runs very smoothly. The only things I would suggest is that a Freeplay mode is added so you can use the things you have to make custom jewelry, and more items like jewelry designs and metals that you can use because once you upgrade everything, the coins are kind of useless. Sorry if these are added when you gain more levels and get further into the game.

I enjoy the game, but it crashes so often it’s become frustrating. I think the ad inbetween cutting the gem and the polishing breaks it. It won’t let me move on to polishing and I have to restart, only for the same thing to happen again. Ads should be after you finish making the item, otherwise it interferes with game play.

Has the makings of a good game. Too many glitches and ads which keep making the game crash though. Could just keep instructions at the beginning instead of constant. Freeplay option might be fun. I’ve finished collecting all the rewards for different categories and all upgrades in a day. So my money is piling up but it’s completely useless. Also the game needs sound effects or something. Seems a bit creepy when it’s so quiet.

It’s okay, I guess. Despite the ads, I enjoyed the game. I just wish it were more challenging in a way. Like maybe an actual grading system for each factor of the game instead of just correcting all mistakes and making every jewel perfect. I also wish the instructions for each jewel weren’t hand-fed to the player and there’s some form of memory-based gameplay involved. Overall, it’s a nice game, but it’s just way too easy.

There is an ad after every step of making the ring. Rather than the fairly bad ad after each level, there are 6 ads each level, each at least 5 seconds. I didn’t even make it to level 3, it was so bad. Additionally the slicing calibration is off by quite a lot. A full half finger point above where your finger is. So frustrating.

It’s a pretty cool concept, I gotta admit but the game doesnt feel finished really. The controls are pretty much garbage, the tools appear about a half inch away from where I was touching on my phone, it kept lagging whenever I moved more than a few centimetres quickly, and the adds that pop up every few moments didn’t help at all.

I give it two stars because the actual game is actually fun to play. That being said, there’s WAY too many ads. Almost after every single thing you make. Also, after every second or third thing I made the game would freeze and not let me do anything. This caused me to loose the rewards for that piece of jewelry and have to exit the game and load it again. I had to delete it after one day because that was so annoying.

I think the game is amazing and great for passing time. Yes, it has lots of ads, but at least its worth while. I dont know why some people are saying there are ads in the middle of the gameplay, because thats not the case for me. The only time I get an ad is when I choose to watch one to get a good deal. You could just get 500 bucks or watch ONE ad and get 5000. If thats not a good deal, i dont know what is. Ads never bothered me. Good game.

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