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Top Drives  Think you know your cars? It’s time to put your knowledge to the test in Top Drives – the only automotive card collection game on the Google Play Store.

BUILD THE PERFECT RACING DECK from over 700 officially licensed cars.

UNLEASH YOUR CARS on 100s of racing challenges with our all-new Card Racing System.

COMPETE FOR EXCLUSIVE CARS in live multiplayer events.

Why is Top Drives the ultimate mobile experience for every car enthusiast?
Marques such as McLaren, Bugatti, Pagani, Ford, Mercedes and many more.
Car stats sourced from Evo Magazine making this the ultimate bench racing tool.
Manage and upgrade your cars – tune them how you want.
Race scenarios include drag strips, race circuits & hill climbs.
Weather effects and multiple surface types.
Stunning car photography from one of the world’s top car magazines.
Addictive racing strategy gameplay.

Top Drives is free to play but offers some optional in-game items that can be purchased for real money. Top Drives is an online game and requires a persistent internet connection to play.

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Top Drives user reviews :

It is a good game. In fact this game is quite unique because it’s not only a racing game, but a card collecting game as well. Although this game is a P2W game (just like any other games lol…), as a F2P player I actually do enjoy collect whatever cars I want. BUT… Every time there is at least 1 bug in the game, that’s the bad thing, hence not giving 5 stars obviously.

The game is a lot of fun but be prepared for the long haul. It’s a card collecting game but the cards that vs each other are shown graphically so it feels like a race game. Unfortunately, if you have A LOT of money it’s easy to excel in the game but if you are free to play be ready for years to get your garage up to a higher level. The community is very active and helpful so that really adds to the game. It starts out casual but if love cars, it gets addictive.

Pros: 1: Fun game to pass the time. Cons: 1: Servers lag constantly in events. 2: Help & support team does absolutley nothing to assist when the servers do lag, and you end up receiving lower rewards. Several times this has happened to me. 3: In events, you’re constantly being put up against players that are several thousand trophies higher than you. It makes it extremely difficult to finish in the top 10, and win higher rewards. Constantly having to spend money just to compete.

Don’t judge a book by it’s looks i know the graphics of this game are pretty out-dated but the game dosen’t focus on that (i like this concept) the game focus on physics and other realistic factors and i like that this game is a answer for thoose who say that favorite car can run on any time at any moment and they will Be dissapointed to see their favorite car gets stuck în the snow Good job with this game one of the good gems of racing genre for Mobile

I dropped the rating to 3 until you fix the overlapping animations after a race. It’s really annoying and I have to restart the app. Otherwise, it’s really good.

In response to Developers reply. Perhaps you should get people with better english skills or native english speakers, I’m not saying bugs have lasted for six+ months but that they are going to take six+ months to fix and the game is not 100% playable but more like 70 or 80% due to remaining bugs that require a game restart to continue playing. No point in reporting problem if you aren’t going to release a fix quick, might as well wait for update. If update = PL13 then we have to wait months++.
  • Hutch Games
  • We have fixed the most critical UI issues and we are going to address the remaining ones in the next update, the game is 100% playable at the moment. We also haven’t had these issues for six+ months. If you’re having a separate issue, please contact the support team and they’ll be glad to help! – Hutch Support

Don’t get me wrong, the concept is genius. The car list is insane, with over 2500. I’m not even bothered about the obvious p2w advantages. The ONLY thing that let’s this game down massively, is hutchs logic. Cars win when they shouldn’t, and vice versa, some cars are far too good for their level and vice versa, some of the stats are way off the real car. The list goes on. And when they realise a car is a bit too OP, instead of bumping its level up, they just make the car worse!

I love it. It’s a. Fun collection game. Not pay to win at all and tons of cars. I hope more are added. Looks like pretty iconic cars but I’m sad to not see a crown Victoria. (I own one so I’m a little bias) but besides that. Great game

Great game! Would welcome it, if there’s a possibility to build tracks. That would reward you with 5stars,which are more than earned

The best car collecting/managing/experience ever!!! I have one request tho plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz add lamborghini with all lambos just plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz it’s my one of my favourite brands

I kept losing but my first cars won I used them again and it doesn’t work

Great idea and quite easy to win without buying anything, but expensive if you want a head start

This the best game that ever came out I love this game so much I can’t stop playing this game

Latest Update :

Can you survive a world full of darkness where nothing is as it seems? Our new season takeover, Midnight Hour, is not for the faint of heart.

Compete for Seasonal Prize Cars!
Play to win Bugatti La Voiture Noire, Ginetta G57 P2 and many more!

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