Drift Max Pro – Pick one of the exciting drift racing modes and burn the asphalt

[Game] Drift Max Pro – Car Drifting Game

Drift Max Pro  From the creators of the legendary drifting game Drift Max comes a brand new drift racing game: Drift Max Pro!


Two-tone and matte paint colors, crazy graphical decals.
Door and hood stickers.
Rim model and color.
Glass color.
Caliper color.
Wheel (Camber) angle.
Suspension height.
Spoiler models.

Daily Track Race.
Classic Drift Race.
Slalom Drifting.
Cone Toppling.
Perfect Drift.
Free Ride.

Choose your drift car, customize it and start drifting. Pick your camera and change how you view the track, either from outside your car or inside the cockpit. If you like drifting games and can’t get enough of Tokyo Drift, download Drift Max Pro now, pick one of the exciting drift racing modes and burn the asphalt!

NOTE: Drift Max Pro doesn’t require an internet connection after installation! Long live offline games!

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User Reviews :

I love the game, it makes me feel accomplished having smooth drifts. My main issue with the game is the finish angle drifts, I’m unsure how to tell if I drifted for example 24 degrees. And the Soloumi flags are very confusing and it isn’t really clear what you’re supposed to do. And the card system with a customization is annoying. It doesn’t make sense to roll, and leave it up to RNG to decide if you get the option you want.

This game is so awesome i love how you can drift and go aginst people i give it a 5 star. Tho my problem is that more cars need to come . If you could add more custom to add to your cars that would be awesome. Also in multiplayer like i have a class A car i should be going against people in that letter so it would be fair.Thank you

Honestly this is one of my favorite car games. I saw someone complain about the multiplayer being unfair. All players start out of stock and gain money eventually, you need to atleast try to get a good car. They also mentioned the cars were overpriced. Which i disagreee with. I own every car in the game, it didnt take that long to do.

I like this game. Some issues I have with it are: The game has a lot of ads in weird spots. After every race win or lose. Multiplayer has latency issues (making cars appear to drive backwards) and multiplayer needs more tickets, but other than that; enjoyed the experience of playing this game.

It’s fun, I really like it. The goods: You can play online, freeplay, or campaign. You can get resources very easily and quickly. The cars look great. The bad: There is an ad after every race. You can skip them all though so it’s not terrible. And the energy. You have 5 energy for multiplayer and 10 for campaign/freemode. Why does it need to have energy for freemode? If even there was more energy given to you it’d be better, but it puts so much of a halt in your experience

Fun game but theres no point to it, the cars have almost no difference between them i have over half the cars in this game and there is a 30 km/h difference between the starting car maxed out and the supra (3rd last car you can buy) maxed out there is no point if these cars are not different. The acceleration is identical for every car i have tested it. Racing is not fun if all the cars are the same.

absolutely perfect. except first time i downloaded the game crashed when i only had one star left in career to achieve but the cones wouldnt load on the sponsored track 2. so i uninstalled and reinstalled hoping it would fix itself but i lost all my progress and cars. but still the BEST drifting game ever.

really good game I really like the controls and everything else. *but* ……… After every game or 2 the games sound stops working and then the game crashes. it’s really annoying. Please get this fixed

ABSOLUTELY LOVEEE THIS GAME!!! but I do have some ideas, you guys should add clans and groups that people can create and friends can join and you can race each other and clans compete against each other (competeing is optional) or play on free mode together ( but a big group, not just 2 people) and maybe add something where we can create our own park and the community can drift there or it’s just for the people that created it, that is all and LOVE THE GAME!!

By far the best racing game for me which included online and offline. I have some suggestion for the dev, add more course with higher difficulty especially for hill course, make the same course to have uphill and downhill because it add more challege in mastering the course backward, add more chances for multiplayer since 5/5 simply not enough anymore and also refund the multiplayer ticket if the rival left the game in the middle of the race which happen alot, and refine the car exhaust sound

Latest Update :

Make way for the Kings of the Road!
Join the road racing royalty with these super cars! Don’t miss these modifications worthy of kings!Check out exclusively designed 29 decal, 12 rim and 7 spoiler now!

Drift Max Pro developer :


Video :

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