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Tower BrawlWelcome to Tower Brawl!

The casual and competitive game that combines elements of tower defense, real-time strategy, and the card game genres. Unlike usual tower defense games, Tower Brawl features a new Siege Tower battle game style with synergies and counters between a variety of heroes, their abilities, and classes.
Tower Brawl promotes an environment full of variables and high variance with in-battle random card draws that keep you and your opponent on your toes! Players will enjoy a strong balance between strategy and randomness in this exciting new game.

Auto chess, tower defense, and real-time PvP
Tower Brawl is an innovative combination of auto chess, tower defense, and 1v1 real-time battles. You can start a battle in 3 seconds! Build a deck of 10 cards to take into battle and get silver coins to upgrade heroes or your siege tower by killing the opponent’s soldiers or opening drop chests. In battle, you can strategically adjust your hero lineup in real-time and upgrade equipment with random drops to defeat your opponent and become an unstoppable legend!

Enjoy co-op mode with friends
Challenge the strongest bosses in co-op mode! In this mode, you can randomly match with teammates or invite your friends to join your team. Each boss has unique characteristics and abilities. Find the right strategy to defeat them and you can have the chance to get a mysterious Wisp hero!

A variety of hero roles to synergy
There are 5 classes in the game: Mage, Archer, Warrior, Priest, Summoner, and special races like Panda and Wisp. In addition, each unit has their own set of unique abilities that can be combined to enhance your strengths or counter your opponents. Freely create a dominating lineup with hundreds of strategic combinations!

Become a legend in Arena Mode
Brawlers gather together in Arena and fight for the championship each season. Exclusive Hero Rewards will be given out after each Arena event!

Tower Brawl user reviews :

The game is pretty simple and fun. The character variety allows for a lot of different build options. Just like another review said, the ads eventually no longer play, so you eventually can’t get the ad bonuses. This is problematic because a player can’t really progress far without watching the ads for the rewards. My suggestion, make the game less ad-reliant especially since the ads don’t work after a while. The game itself is good enough that I’m willing to pay the dev a bit for it.

It’s an interesting game. However, there are some flaws that ruin it for me. 1: Ads don’t serve 80% of the time. I usually can watch one Ad to get a free chest, then it tells me there are no available ads. 2: It seems like everyoneee uses a full mage deck to win in PvP. I want to see something different for once. 3: Pay 2 Win. Yes, if you spend to get the “Bombardier”, you’ll win all the time. Spend enough to get him leveled all the way you’ll be unstoppable. Overall, the game is fun!

I like the game but omg the glitches. You’ll be playing along then it’ll just start jumping between moments in the battle and youve lost half your health but gained a crapton of silver cause you weren’t seeing the progression because it basically locked up. Or you’ll be in the middle of a fight and itl just lock up and shut down, or the constant problems while trying to upgrade. I just tried a minute ago and I can’t even swap out my characters in my lineup. Like it but allot of glitches.

Very addicting. I dont have issues like others are yet. My new favorite game. UPDATE….. I now also experience issues. Unable to watch ads to gain rewards. Gives same error everyone else seems to get. Uninstall and reinstall fixes it but only temporarly. I hope they figure this out since I was starting to really like the game

Great potential with this game. Incredibly fun game play, different play strategies. Some heros are overpowered, and there is definitely a bit of pay to win. If you’re not going to drop cash on the game and you don’t get lucky with your 40 free rolls(from the free gem codes), I’d uninstall the game and try again. Had a major issue with a memory leak that still hasn’t been resolved as far as I can tell, once the game gets a few stability updates I’ll be back.

  • Hey dear Brawler, we made a new update on Nov 22nd. There have been some balance changes to Co-op, Co-op rankings, and some heroes have even been reworked to better fit the evolution of the game, optimized memory to fix a bug that was causing Co-op to crash on some devices!

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