Guns of Glory Survival – Challenge the Ghost Fleet

[Game] Guns of Glory Survival

Guns of Glory SurvivalFull sail ahead! This could be the greatest adventure of your life!

The seas have become the new battlefield of the kingdom. Cross the chasm that divides the sea, challenge the Ghost Fleet, and witness the legendary sea monsters with your own eyes! Only the captain with the most courage can make it to the Uncharted Seas and find the sunken treasures!

Game Features

Explore the Uncharted Seas! When you are fighting against ghosts and sea monsters for the buried treasures in the Cursed Seas, vicious pirates will watch your every move and strike when you least expect it, so beware!
Build your Port! Develop your estate then upgrade the shipyard. During your downtime between wars, join your buddies over dinner and endless beer and drink merrily until the sun rises!
Expand Your Invincible Fleet! Mount more cannons and build larger sails so your fleet can sweep across the treacherous seas and dominate.
Make Friends Around the World! Gather your army and fight alongside your buddies! Be it on land or at sea, no matter how powerful your enemies may be, your friends will be in battle with you until the very end.
A Wealth of Strategies! A resourceful king knows how to calculate, maneuver, and manipulate in order to stay on top.

PLEASE NOTE: Guns of Glory: Survival is completely free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please select password protection for purchases in your Google Play Store app. A network connection is also required.

Guns of Glory Survival user reviews :

Sure they say this is a FREE game to play. Sure it is if you don’t plan on staying long or getting raided daily. Every update now there is bigger stuff to achieve. With that ALOT of money to get them Graphics are good. Hopefully you get a good Kingdom. However I believe they have SO much different items to play it is hard to keep up. Also you aquire a bunch of ” Junk” in your inventory you can never use. It would be nice to get rid of it to clear this mess up. Pick what you no longer need.

Really intriguing so far! The story moves well, and the graphics are really beautiful. Shout out to the artists! The tutorial doesn’t assume the player is familiar with similar game mechanics (and I definitely am not) but it still moves fluidly.

2 star mainly because my phone averages at 29 notifications A DAY from this app…that’s way too much…if you could lessen the notifications or give us an option of which things we would like push notifications for, that’d be awesome. I don’t want all notifications gone but I surely don’t want 29 on AVERAGE…

Guns of Glory 13 – Basically, they keep reinventing Guns of Glory to rebook old GOG players. Kings Games doesn’t even try anymore. If you have a wallet full of cash, this is the game for you. You need to spend $100’s to survive in this game. Trust me, it’s not worth it. They keep changing the name of the game but the core is always the same.

Great game aspects, until there is an issue. Then you can’t reach anyone in CS. Just constant computer generated responses that is like a circle jerk. The Muskateer Road event is froze for me and everyone complaining the $5 pack is missing items. But no customer service to talk to anyone regarding the issues.  If your going to develope a game, you need to manage it properly.  Outside of that, would love provide 5 stars, but… Not to mention 0 responses here either.

I am enjoying this game. I installed it cause to get to certain levels you get promo credits for another game. I have to get to level 25 in 21 days. I’m level 12 now. I might be lucky to reach 15..but how do they expect you to reach 25 in 21 days anyways. Giving this game 2 stars for now.

Not super far into the game yet, but so far it’s a fun tower defense builder game. Kinda just like all the others but steampunk and weird and cooler art and story style. But still has the potential to get boring quick

Love this game. My only problem is the VERY LONG of time for the introduction with changing kingdoms. And the glitches..

Just started the game seems like most other games of its type. Its better than I thought it was, i thought it was similar to that mafia game but it’s better and not about shooting and carrying like GTA5

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