Tower Defense Heroes 2 – Use towers to eliminate your enemies

[Game] Tower Defense Heroes 2

Tower Defense Heroes 2The long-awaited sequel will transfer you to the future!

The enemies still not want to pay you for transit by the road! Use towers to eliminate your enemies. The new refreshed graphics and additional mechanics allow you to spend your time well at play the game.

The next features are waiting for you:

20 different game levels.
12 types of different enemies.
Fully redesigned sound and 3D graphics.
4 types of different towers with various weapons and interaction with enemy. Each turret can be improved depending on the experience.
The skills’ branch of 16 skills with ability of powerleveling for each skill a number of times.
The towers’ powerleveling for the level increasing.
System of achievements.
The powerleveling and 20 levels for the gamer. You gain the experience by each killed enemy. Each level gives you +3 points for the skills’ branch.

The defense of towers is performed in accordance with standard canons of the tower defense genre’s game (towers defence).

The Tower Defense Heroes is a free game!

Tower Defense Heroes 2 user reviews :

I really enjoy playing this game, though it’s almost too easy to get energy bolts by watching ads…not that I’m complaining, no way! I love that I can get my towers to level 4 so early in the game. The only thing I wish, is that there was a way to upgrade the towers even more. Maybe a way to transform them to a stronger tower, but restarting at level 1 or 2. Then upgrade them again, transform again, etc. Also, upgrading the damage the oil using weapons do. Maybe adding more oil using weapons as well, plus allowing the 1st tower to be upgraded to level 4, instead of 2, would be great. I never use that tower for that reason alone. However, overall it’s a great game! Very enjoyable. Challenging at times, but fun…loads and loads of fun!

This game has fantastic potential but terrible execution. And as a software engineer I can see what some of the possible problems are. The biggest is adding in weapons once you’ve acquired sufficient funds. Machine guns-only get added in ok, all the other types have one problem or another. Lasers, for example, will track, but not fire. One or two might but at a greatly reduced rate. When missiles are added, when they become eligible to be upgraded, the Upgrade icon doesn’t accept input, so…

The graphics great , the additional skill upgrades along with the tower upgrades really add to the overall experience. Like to see more like this in the future. Outstanding work everyone!

I really like this game except some of the ads are borderline malware, one wouldnt close and just kept redirecting to download it. Also most of the game is in russian so a little hard to understand, other than that really really well done game! Graphics are really good Not too many ads Pretty fun Easy to play/hard to master

Game’s quite glitchy. The language between Russian and English anytime. But that is still tolerable. The 1 star is for Level 24 that is glitched. IT WON’T LOAD THE SECOND WAVE OF ENEMIES and will suddenly get very laggy and slow. Because of this glitch, you can’t complete the game. I also wrote to their support email about this glitch, to which they did not respond even after 24 hours. Poor level design/testing. Poor tech support.

Ok,great game, only the reason why I uninstalled is 1.there wasn’t much of a tutorial. It kinda throws you in and gives you merely a fraction of what you need to know,for instance, I didn’t know what oil was for because it didn’t tell me. 2.too many ads. All in all,great game, but there is A LOT of room for improvement, and this game has a lot of potential.

Good game, however lol 28 glitches and an enemy ship just sits on a random part of the track. If you destroy it, it will just respawn and will slow down the game which stops the next wave starting. When this is fixed I’ll give 5 stars

Fun game but has a bug which prevents player from getting past level 28. If the issue is resolved, I might give 4 stars.

The game has a good concept,allthough needs some work on the layout.Ive reached lev. 24 with everything upgraded to the max and can’t get past the stage.there are only three places to place turrents and ive tried all the different turrent formation with no sucess.

Good gameplay, many ads and the AI is stupidly dumb, when you fire a cruise missile it lands where no enemy’s are and after every game you watch an ad even if you lose would rate higher but unskippable ads and poor AI

good graphics, seems like a pretty cool game but its just really buggy. sometimes won’t let you up grade or the screen wont move

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