Food Conga – Challenge your conga skills

[Game] Food Conga

Food CongaWhat do you do when your food starts dancing? Gather them in a conga line!

Food Conga is a game set in a small town where cars don’t slow down for pedestrians and wild bears roam the parks freely, your mission as a chief is to collect all of your missing ingredients and deliver them to your customer without dying.

Totally adorbz food friends
Explosively super powerups
Bears wearing bee costumes
Quests that will challenge your conga skills
Zany enemies and zippy obstacles

Food Conga user reviews :

It’s very fun, but I’ve noticed how repetitive the foods are. I’ve only recently started playing it do that might be it but please add more foods! I’d like there to be more foods like noodles or pizzas, not the same ones again and again. Overall, cute but repetitive.

This game is SO GOOD! I did a video about it 5 years ago and I watched it again. It looked really fun considering I haven’t played it for 5 years. I played it again and I can’t stop playing it! I accidentally streamed for 10 hours straight! Download this game RIGHT NOW!!1!11!!

So much fun with easy gameplay and cute characters. I played this game since years ago. Love it!! Never get bored of it.

My son cant stop playing he’s always talking about it so I tried and its amazing like you sould download now like right now

I totally loved it. It was so funny and cute at the same time!! Five stars!!

The best game ever I played this when I was 7 I nearly forgot it but good thing I know the game

i missed that game.. i also lost my progess its ok. its so fun..

This app is really recommended if you want to past time. 5 stars!

Really cute & fun. Cheers.

Ilooooooooove this game Wow Its amazing

There were only 4 restaurants: the main hamburger and Hotdog restaurant, the café, the pirate restaurant and the haunted house. I think the haunted house is the last restaurant and I can’t seem to unlock any more buildings. I would have given this game 5 stars if there were more updates, restaurants to complete. Please add new content to the game. I wish there were more levels. I love your other games.

Neat little game. I feel like it’s only reached part of its potential, though. Only a few enemy types and stages, and no incentive to use other characters once you’ve found one you like. Also, there are a few glitches, such as one where pressing against the side of the restaurant without all ingredients can cause you to warp through to the next area, which will be a grey, inescapable void.

Very nice game but the only thing that I don’t like is that the money that give you are in chests,I thing that is a bit weird

I really like the game but i keep dying from the cute little porcupines

Fun little game. Not what I thought it was, but still really fun and cute!

Cute game! The graphics are neat and I love how you can upgrade different foods. I only wish there was a new update soon…

love it… its a vary depending on game I still have it you ARE cool

I love this game I bearly started playing and its super good addicting Good Job

You guys seriously need to randomize the character draw about 1000% out of 15 probably more draws I only have 2 characters? Thats why I’m uninstalling. Plus 3 draws of the same character to get an extra star that does what? Makes your power up last .00000001 more of a second? It becomes so repetitive and power up needs MUCH more of a discription. One of my players power ups will take out a car yet another won’t and I feel thats crucial info for game play instead of dying trying to figure out what the hell the power up will destroy and wont….needs a lot of work

Very good game overall. I uninstalled because i didnt care for it but its still a very good game. Controls could use a bit of work though.

I think the problem is just the controls…or the speed..make the character a bit slower maybe.But overall the game is the most enjoyable game ever..loved it!

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