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[Game] Tower of Saviors

Tower of SaviorsIn the ancient era, a boy and a girl fell victim to a horrible experiment conducted by some deranged wizards and became vessels of the ethereal dragons’ powers.

While the girl, Ursula, became the Dragon Maiden who could understand the Dracospirits’ whispers, the boy, Novalis, was chosen by Faugn the ethereal dragon and became a Dragon Follower. The two will return to the realms as a new Black-gold character, “Gyre of Resonance – Novalis & Ursula”, on 20 Nov (Mon) at 12:00! “Gyre of Resonance – Novalis & Ursula” is an extremely rare 7* character that can be obtained by drawing Seals in the “Unending Echoes of Dracosprits” Drawing Machine during the event period. The side story of the new character will also be revealed on 20 Nov (Mon) at 12:00!

Summoners will be rewarded with Dragonware “Dragonscale Halbert” (mode selectable) x1 upon getting their first “Gyre of Resonance – Novalis & Ursula” during the event period. In the meantime, the “Ancient Coin” Seal Drawing Machine will be open. From 20 Nov (Mon) 12:00 to 3 Dec (Sun), there will be a special offer of “Purchase Bonus” in the Diamond Shop— Summoners can get 30 extra Diamonds after making a single purchase of 30 Diamonds or more for the first time during the event period.

In addition, “Faugn the Horrid Gastronomer” the ethereal dragon will make his debut in the realm on 21 Nov (Tue) at 22:00 with a new Nightmare Stage called “Awaken the Horror of Doom”!

Tower of Saviors is totally free! Summoners may purchase Diamonds for drawing rare cards, restoring Stamina and extending the Inventory limit, etc.

Join us now to end the war once and for all!

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Tower of Saviors user reviews :

More updates, more disappointments… Not a balanced game, most newly released cards only last for around another 3 to 4 updates (which is around 4 months) then they become total trash… Very difficult for a newbie to adapt to the intensity of the new stages… Greed has taken over the company, keep this up and it won’t take too long for you guys to crumble, destroying this whole legacy you’ve built over the past decade… What have you become, Terry…

This game is terrible! I played this game many years ago when you cant play puzzle and dragons for android. Its still aesthetically nice to play which is why it brought me back and cauae im not big on all the other match 3 games. Its all over the place, cause it doesnt really tell you where to start, so if you dont know the original path of the game, you’re going to be disheartened and wonder why you keep dying so easily. Game is far too in many interations, hard pass for newbies

I used to love this game so much until the migration (Merging) which the system reply as couldn’t be able to transfer the data and I’ve lost all the data I’ve been playing and saving via facebook too. When logging in with facebook, it resets and yet no fix or recovery of the data. Also I don’t think they are gonna read through the trouble from old EN user account and fix them so not gonna play again.

  • 親愛的召喚師:您好,首先謝謝您對「神魔之塔」的支持!關於您無法登入問題,因攸關帳號安全疑慮,故請您去信至客服信箱,並提供UID,客服將會協助您處理問題。謝謝,祝遊戲愉快!

This was my first Android mobile game when my wife (still a girlfriend at this time) bought me a Samsung Galaxy S3 back in 2013. Even now this particular game survived the years of going against other famous online RPG games, be it simple or arcade. It was a simple game yet quite a steep learning curve. And after the years, you can still get the previous rewards that you’ve accumulated just by logging in. Very F2P friendly. You don’t need to spend a single cent to get good. Highly recommended!

The new version gots so many bugs I don’t know where to start. Half of the time I stuck on the loading screen when starting up the game, or when I’m in it’ll show a black or color only screen while in the match, and a “can’t connect to server” despite full strength wifi. I just came back to this game from a long break and I love it but the bugs seriously make me want to delete it again

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