Another Dungeon – Discover the lost power of the Kabi

[Game] Another Dungeon

Another DungeonAs a young man of the Kabi, Dokebi has the lost power of his tribe.
Explore the vast continent with lots of friends and enjoy the dynamic journey!
Discover the lost power of the Kabi in Another Dungeon!

MMORPG full of awesome pixel art action!
Wreak havoc in this speedy, action-filled world of unique pixel graphics! Drag-and-drop is all you need to cast powerful skills! Experience mighty action, easy and simple.

Kill and be killed in PvP!
In the vast fields you can attack not only mobs but also other players. Go on the hunt and become ever stronger! Your journey to becoming the mightiest Kabi begins now!

Time is gold and other items!
Experience the thrill of easy-breezy growth. When you’re busy, let your character alone and they’ll do all the work and gain more items for growth!
Enjoy unique costumes!
Each costume has a different set of powers and effects. Customize to suit your play style and fashion sense!

Collect to your heart’s content!
Unique Pets support you in battle and make you stronger! Fight together with special Pets that give you boosts with various abilities.

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Another Dungeon user reviews :

The game itself has good concepts. I can’t play anymore due to the amount of server issues. If the servers actually allow me to get logged in, nothing happens no matter what I press. I can open menus but that is all. Can’t move the character, can’t auto path or slay monster, can’t change equipment. It doesn’t take long before a connection error occurs and kicks me out of the game. Unable to reconnect.

  • Hello, this is gameduo. We apologize for the inconvenience in playing our game. With in-game errors, it is difficult for us to give you a detailed solution through reviews. Please give us an inquiry via the official email below. We will promptly assist you after checking your inquiry.  Official email: anotherdungeon[at]

Not a bad game, I’ve played about an hour or so now so it’s not easy to go too deep Into detail yet as I haven’t fully discovered the game, but from what I have played its a relaxing game that’s easy to pass the time with. It is “another dungeon” runner game that you can just run through by clicking the quest tab and auto moving to the quest area, the story line doesn’t seem too annoying and the talks with npc’s aren’t too long and overly ridiculous to read. I don’t know maybe give it a try

Thw game was very fun and even though it was very progressive, I feel that’s what made it fun. This newest update however has it to where I cannot get past the 2nd loading screen, I can get to the character selection and after that the game freezes and kicks me out. My phone is of a newer model and this games graphics are literally pixels, so the reason for it being so buggy is beyond me, please fix this.

  • Hello, this is gameduo. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We have finished hotfix updates at 4pm KST, today. If the error still persists, Please contact us through the e-mail listed below.  Contact Info: anotherdungeon[at]

It’s a casual semi idle rpg that has very basic but colorful art style to it. Not a whole lot is invested into this game with voice acting; but the story plot is pretty simple to follow. I’d recommend giving this one a try. It’s not bloated with adware like many other games these days are; though they do give you options to watch ads in exchange for free in-game items. Ad revenue makes a considerable portion of any games continued stability, so I’m glad the devs don’t force you to watch ads.

I love the concept and the art but man, this game is a cash-grab. It’s not quite an RPG and not quite a fully idle style game. You just constantly auto attack like 80 of an enemy. That’s like the only quest. The Season Pass is super expensive and not worth it. Progression is slow. No real idle features tbh. Just auto attack mobs slowly. Expensive shop. It had so much potential but it’s so boring and clearly a cash-grab. No substance to it at all!! So disappointing.

  • Hello, this is gameduo. We will relay your feedback to the team in charge to make improvement. We will constantly work so that users’ suggestions are used in a positive way. Please note that we can provide more information via the e-mail listed below. Contact Info: anotherdungeon[at]

Just downloaded the game and finished the additional downloads, but for some reason when i tried choosing a global server, the game froze and ever since then i get stuck at the loading screen and can’t play the game. (I’ll change my review once i actually get the ability to play the game) And my phone is also pretty good and latest version so I don’t see why it could be a phone problem.

the game itself is entertaining the only thing that bothers a bit are some bugs that still have. Like the bug of not doing damage, or the one of staying walking without doing anything; but leaving that aside, it’s a game with original art, and a genre that draws attention.

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