Tower Quest – Progress beyond your active max stage

[Game] Tower Quest – Pixel Idle RPG

Tower QuestTower Quest is for you if:

You like RPGs
You like idle games
You like retro pixel art
You like endless dungeon games
You like epic boss battles with a time limit
You like to show off your characters’ skills
You like seeing numbers grow exponentially
You like strategy and to outsmart your enemies
You like to pet dogs
You hate games that stays the same forever
You hate that you can’t go idle to reach beyond your limits

While idling, progress beyond your active max stage!
Tired of waiting for your strong army to finally find their matching foes? Go idle! Your army will fight for you, even beyond your previous max stage.

Our unique implementation even allows you to collect materials, gold and other loots dropped by the enemy while idling!

It’s more than the fight.
As a Commander of the Kingdom of Leandros, your talents will never go to waste. Take on Quests for more gold! Discover ancient relics! Brew potions! Craft items! Receive blessings! The old ways of mere brute force are now irrelevant.

Difficult and smart bosses.
The Thrakr Empire gives no mercy. If you are up for a challenge, take on the Paladins! (Warning: watch for their attacks & skills)

Constantly updated.
There will always be more things to do in the Kingdom of Leandros. Stay tuned.

Commander, an unprecedented crisis has fallen upon the Kingdom of Leandros! The King has summoned thee to deal with a new type of enemy sent by the treacherous Thrakr Empire – the Towers.

Commander, you will be placed in charge of a joint army! For the first time, Humans, Creatures and Undead all over the Continent are joining forces to face this common enemy, which if left unchecked, would place the Continent in the risk of total destruction.

Godspeed, Commander. We have faith in you.

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Tower Quest user reviews :

Impossible to level up after the first update. Drastically increased the required resources to do anything especially rebirth. Limited usage “limit breaks” only increasing base stats slightly. With everything being based on % bonus and nothing on base stats creating an artificial difficulty and poor scaling. Fun for 2 hours, kept it for 2 weeks.

There’s no point to this game and the dev(s) always make sure you know it. It’s a rebirth/prestige game which is fine. But 99% of ANYTHING you can do or upgrade resets upon rebirth. And getting back to where you were is just as much of a slog as it was the previous time even with what remains. A game of solitaire has more tangible, satisfying progression. So stay far away if you don’t like this type of thing that clogs up mobile game stores.

Its fun, a new way to tackle the genre. The ADs are few and not forceful. It might feel weird at first but you get the hang out of it pretty quickly. Its fun and intuitive, still in early phase of development. I see a lot of room to improve especially with the skill tree and co. All in all a fun timewaster.

It’s a fine game and does what is on the tin. They put the rebirth window a little tight for me and I lost momentum after the first reset. It’s wonderful at what it did but didn’t particularly keep my attention.

I enjoy it. Especially the music. Nostalgic. The last update broke the game though… relics often aren’t saved and it kills my offline progress. Also why make relics so tedious? Give us preset relic slots.

  • Thank you for the review! We’re sorry to hear that you’re having this problem! We’d love to help, so please contact our support team at or at Discord and we will do our best to resolve this bug!

Great idle game. has a few unique ideas not found in other games. No forced ads. not just another cookie cutter idle game. looking forward to seeing this continue to develop.

  • Thank you so much for the kind words! We will keep updating this game frequently, if you have any suggestions please stop by our Discord channel to let us know!

Had a bug that made me lose some progress, but support was really quick to respond. Developers seem to be really active and doing lots of updates.

  • Sorry for the issue, we can restore your purchase immediately. Please contact us at with your Player ID (located at settings tab) and we will help you as soon as possible!

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