SuperSonic Jack – Slide under those deathly lasers

[Game] SuperSonic Jack

SuperSonic JackFrom the creators of Running Fred!

A new hero, a new adventure! Help Jack to escape from the evil train of Dr. Jaykovich!

Jump over the explosive barrels!
Slide under those deathly lasers!
Run over the walls to avoid the acid pool!
Run over the roof of the wagons to get more coins!

Jack can upgrade his skills to jump, slide, walk over the walls, make a flying dash and much more. Using these skills you will be able to go further each time in a train full of traps and deathly devices!

SuperSonic Jack user reviews :

One of the best endless runners I’ve played. Considering the upgrades available at no cost and ads don’t ever seem to pop up. I even tried to watch an ad but it seemed like the watch ad button isn’t wired up. Awesome free game. Good work dudes

sucks coins are rare and you need coins for the double jump and that costs 500 and don’t talk about ad watching but anyways controls are weird when you get knocked down you get luanched like 3 feet away and it has a brother game running fred complete master piece personally I think this game isn’t the best that dedalord could make

The upgrades and characters are quite expensive,can you at least lower the price?

should be developed and realy good

its cool but i didn’t like it that much.

I love this game

Pretty nice work, nice imagination, it just randomly drops framerate and becomes normal after 10 sec, it needs fixing.. And WE NEED GORE . just add a option in menu and keep the gore off by default. Running the game at performance mode ( max frequency) doesn’t result in that’s good

The game is great and pretty fun. I just wish it wouldn’t my coins. I saved up a lot of coins from the last time I played, and then I’d have less than half of that left. That’s a needed bug fix.That would help a lot.

1) There is no texture underneath the train. 2)The barrel’s hitbox is a bit too large. 3)You can add some clouds around. Thanks

The game is quite a lot of fun but it’s filled with glitches like falling through the ground or getting stuck in midair! It also seems like You can mess around with the air dash And Infinitely Spam the Double jump.

This game is cool but could add in a adventure, campaign, or a story mode and add in a gore setting please Im begging you

Plz make the moving control to slide tilt is good but its unable to play in relaxed position and sometimes gyroscopic tilt didn’t work properly so plz make the moving control to slide like unlimited spiderman and other games if this will be done in next update ill give 5 stars for sure

I agree that the JAX 3000 will be free. Oh I forgot something, please make a Killmonger character, for powering off traps, also make it free for a better future

This game is so amazing. It’s have many advanture

Great game but the graphics need to be changed.

No gore no fred means no likes sorry

Love it since dedalord create it

I lov this game i lov it its level hu hu hu kya game hai yaar aur assani se download hoga yes its true download kar ke dekh fir bolna this game is fantastic

How many characters are there pliz tell me, right now?

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