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[Game] Townscapes – Farm&City Building

TownscapesTownscape (PerCity): City Building & Farming is a farming simulation and city building game.

You harvest your farms and take animal’s products, process them and sell them. Townscapes (Percity) is similar to city building simulation games.

Invite your friends to your city and join them in the group chats. You can trade with your friends and help eachother grow your cities. You can build a harbor with your friends and trade with other cities.

Convoys will pass your city on their way and ask you for some products, fulfill their orders and take what you need from them.

Fulfill conoy’s orders and receive some products from them which helps you improve your city.
Start your journey in Townscape (Percity): City Building & Farming, a city building simulation game and expand your city, build a farm and harvest the products. Feed animals and use their products and at last, sell what you have and make money to build your dream city.

In your city you can have: potato farm, wheat farm, soy farm, tomato farm and … also take care of animals such as cows, chickens and sheep.

Grow your city from a small ancient city and renovate it and build your dream city.
If you have played and enjoyed similar simulation city building or farming games, it’s time you try Townscapes (Percity): City Building & Farming which gives you a different experience from other simulation city building and farming games, this time in an ancient city.

Complete missions by farming and growing your city and receive gifts.
You can also decorate and customize your city using plants and glorious buildings however you like. The more beautiful your city is, the more likes it gets from friends and other players. You can also visit other cities and let them know if you like them.

Try to build as many farms as you can so you can make people’s orders faster. Also build huts and increase your city’s population.

Townscape (Percity)’s features:

Build farms
Grow plants and grains and harvest them

Take care of animals
Feed animals and use their products

Process your products
Build bakery, grocery, mill and process your products

Sell your products
Sell what you make to your people

Trade with other cities
Join weekly and daily events and trade your products

Decorate and customize your city
Use decorations and design your dream city

Visit other player’s cities and rate them

More than 30 different building to grow your city
More than 70 different products to manufacture in your factories
Ranking table for the most successful cities and towns
Mysterious sections that would unlock when you level up in the game
Cool cargo ships which create a competitive atmosphere between you and other towns
A perfect experience from the old Persian empire and culture
Per City has been optimized for iOS and Android

Revive the lost ancient empire of Persians! Build a cool city, grow it, and keep your citizens happy. Manage the production lines, create new factories. Trade with other players, compete and play in the online events

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Download Townscapes (Percity): City Building & Farming now and enjoy fun farming and city building simulation game.

Townscapes user reviews :

I not align with the customer needs, too much error, too much crash, not applicable for Android devices and the company doesn’t clarity which data they have access from installation of game. The update version is the worse one

The best game that I ever had, just it has a little bit bugs that with refreshing the game it will be OK.

The entire tutorial was in Arabic. You can’t change it until you finish, and good luck changing it if you can’t read anything. Then it turns out everything takes forever and you don’t have the freedom to build where you want. It is just an activate the set buildings type game.

  • You can download our English version from this link:

Well this is an intersting game. Im personaly not really into games but this is a good. But I had to delete and reinstall it 3 times because if the connection was slow or failed it would not work any more

Nice and easy to play and relax. Specially I love soundtracks. It’s remind you as you are really in a farm.

I really liked this game but I have some problems and will send them to you in telegram. But now the prominent one is that I can’t see advertisement link when a fruit isn’t rippened yet while my friends can!

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