Toy Brick Crush – Work your way through matching blocks

[Game] Toy Brick Crush

Toy Brick CrushToy Brick Crush : The most addictive puzzle game on mobile today!

Work your way through matching two or more blocks of the same color and creating boosters!
You can play the game without Wi-Fi as well.
Now enjoy your Toy Brick Crush adventure!


Simple and addictive puzzle gameplay! Tap blocks of the same color to collect them!
Collect stars by completing levels to win awesome rewards!
Over 500 levels with exciting puzzles!
Amazing boosters and gifts are pretty helpful along the way!

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Toy Brick Crush user reviews :

It’s interesting it keeps my attention it’s fast pace it’s a good game all around I really enjoy playing it I get consumed by the game and the outside world there was a way that I need when I’ve had a bad day I can come and play the game and the outside world just goes away until I’m calm it’s a good game should try it

The game is ok,But,I don’t like the fact that I have to buy coins in order to continue the game, that’s the only thing that sucks about most of the games,should be able to finish the game without having to purchase anything or watch videos in order to collect the coins or other stuff ,and the annoying adds that pop up in the middle of the game, That Really Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun and entertaining. Good game to kill time or when you are bored. Level 51 had some issues. Counter wouldn’t work right. I would get one or two moves from completing the level and the counter would say I was out of moves and stop my play. This happened five times before it let me complete the level.

I just started, but it’s a really fun game. After playing for awhile, it’s an okay game for time killing, but a bit tedious. Also, they just updated the game and it keeps crashing.

I’m 50 years old but I do this game when i get bored and i don’t want to think veary much! Because i have much better games like Nova and i change from one game to the other, but this is one of the games with blocks that has a basic of a couple others!(don’t know there name couse so simple and so much different versions ok!)

I would give more stars but I jus dwn loaded the game an as soon as I made it past the first board it said I could double my arrows by watching a ad an the ad wouldn’t load at all an it did that twice

Easy and fun game but on level 66 its difficult to rack up a 3 star score. On the other levels its just fine but this one is definitely difficult. If this level could be fixed that would be great

Having fun with Toy Brick App. Keeps me on my toes! 10/11/19,Toy Brick is alright but found other Game Apps. BETTER. But it’s fun.

Once you start getting into the game they start throwing ads at you after every level. I realize it’s a free game, but it’s a bit much.

ok so far thanx for the ads I just like to play needs more points earned for higher and difficult to solve levels and more boosters

Challenging, addictive, great graphics, lots of fun!

i love this game, would have given 5 stars if it wasn’t for the annoying ads. i understand ads are necessary, but other games I play do not have ads as much, it’s crazily too much. it’s so annoying that I basically finished 1 stage, then leave and come back to play the next stage after awhile.
  • Dear user, sorry for the inconvenience but those ads help keep this game free. you could turn off ads after 5 seconds or pay to remove ads. we will improve it in future version, thank you for your review.

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