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Train Simulator Railroad  In-game regional economies are in poor condition, transport systems are suffering losses, enterprises and factories are idle, and the transport network is not properly maintained.

Are you ready to change the situation? Download the 2D train simulator game and put on the shoes of a real train driver!

Play Train Simulator and deliver various cargoes from agricultural products and building materials to goods for light and heavy industry. In this train sim, you should meet the heads of railroads, improve relations between the train stations and develop the economic potential of entire regions!

You have an impressive list of trains at your disposal. All trains have been recreated from the real drawings. Start with an inconspicuous diesel locomotive, take orders & earn money to get new spare parts and equipment. Upgrade and modify train compositions to handle difficult orders and earn more money. Eventually, unlock the entire fleet of equipment up to the heaviest and most powerful locomotives of the 20th century!

On your way, you’ll solve infrastructure problems in a wide variety of places such as deserts, cities, forests, swamps, mountains, and many other game locations.

Why you’ll spend hours playing the railroad sim game:

Advanced train management
Deliberate upgrade system
Many challenging tasks
Expansive game world
Real train simulator gameplay
Beautiful 2D graphics & sound effects
Dynamic weather conditions

Download Train Simulator for free and enjoy the realistic gameplay! Sign contracts, load wagons, choose a destination, start the engine, and go along the rails of luck!



Train Simulator Railroad user reviews :

I was playing and, apart from the game’s mission to develop the area, it seemed that getting a new locomotive was a side prize of sort. But then it stopped giving me new locomotives at some point, even if I fully upgraded the current one. Too bad, that ruined it for me. The game can be developed in (at least) 2 more directions, steam and electric.

  • Hello there! Thank you for your feedback! If you have any suggestions on how the game should be improved, then please tell us about that at support[at] If you decide to send us a message, then please type ‘Train Simulator’ at the message’s subject.

I like the game, the train controles are immersive yet not overly complicated, an so it’s not hard to master. I found that hills were a bit annoying, in a sense that you never know when your approaching one. Perhaps You could add a small indicator to the ui that tells the player what sort of terrain he or she is approaching. That way, for example, if we see a that the speed limit is going down to 30, and that we are approaching a hill or a valley, we know how to adjust the throttle accordingly.

  • Hi! Thanks a lot for sharing your idea with us. We’ll definitely think it over. Hope you’ll enjoy our game to the best in future. Stay tuned!

Has fun aspects to it but a lot of it seems either not realistic, too hard to achieve, or boring. The cargo loading is really slow, and I’m still not sure what purpose that timer in the top left has. The speed limits don’t give much warning and then it pressures you to instantly drop or raise the speed. Hills are also a problem, very hard to climb and you will often get stuck on tracks because of a lousy locomotive.

  • We’re very sorry you’ve encountered this issue! Please contact us at info[at] with your details, attaching screenshots\screenrecords, mentioning your device and your in-game ID. We’ll do our best to resolve it. Thank you!

I like the game but it is highly unrealstic and boring. I wish there was more to it. Driving is boring too because it keeps stopping when I hit a slight hill even at high speeds. I think that is just unrealistic. All the game is is 20 minutes of loading the same thing over and over again and then driving down a track and having to stop every minute because of something dumb. I hate it.

  • Hello! Sorry to hear you didn’t like our game. We are working on improvements and hope you will enjoy the game after the new update that is coming

I love this game. It is very addictive. But you need to add these things: 1: you need to slightly lower the rate of things getting Damage like the wheels because the repairs cost alot Of coins. 2:you need to add the feature where we can go Around the map without a mission being selected. 3:you need to add AI trains where they sometimes go Past you and doing their own stuff.

  • Hey, Channa! We will consider your suggestion the next time we’ll work on updates. Thank you for finding out time and writing us. Stay tuned!

I really love this game, although I’d suggest some changes, like: 1. The train selection buttons are two far on the screen edge, it’s a nightmare for phones with cameras integrated into the screen. 2. The engine throttle lever is also on the corner which make it difficult to use it in situations where you have to change engine power constantly. 3. Would definitely love, if you added electric engines that run at higher speeds. 4. Lastly, there needs to be some consequences for overspeeding.

  • Hi! Thank you for the feedback, it’s incredibly helpful! Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see in the game via info[at]

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