Idle Fishing Village Tycoon – Build the village with different attributes

[Game] Idle Fishing Village Tycoon

Idle Fishing Village Tycoon  Is a new kind of idle tycoon simulation game.

Typical idle tycoon games only let you level up and gain stats but at Fishing Village, you can build the village with different attributes. The development attributes appear systematically and you can have even more fun by watching your animal friends grow.

Features of Idle Fishing Village Tycoon

Adds village development aspects to the idle tycoon genre
Breaks from typical tycoon games by adding visual development aspects
Users can experience strategic village development based on their own choices and priorities
The fun links between the development aspects are an added bonus
Lots of different stages and concepts, collect cute animal friends and managers
Fast-growing village lets you travel to diverse new places
Go to new islands with their own unique concept and animals for you to be friends with.
Unique events and island team play allows you to get extra rewards
Unlock and upgrade various boats for an even more awesome fishing experience
Experience fishing and sales that is divided into clear stages
Get rewards even when you’re offline

What can you do in a idle management simulation game?

No need to tap endlessly like other digging clicker simulation games
Gather money and crystals by tap tapping in this new management simulation game
Enjoy the benefits of an offline game as you win many rewards even when you’re offline
Play the role of a manager like you would in a idle tycoon simulator management game
Hire your animal buddies as managers to manage your boats, transport fish, and sell at the marketplace
Enjoy this adorable game with adorable managers
Enjoy 3D adventures in this lovable, adorable island simulator game and become a millionaire
No need to tap til your hands hurt like other idle tycoon construction and development games
Experience the kind of fun that digging or mining games can’t offer
Be the best manager in this idle game that automates the management process from fishing to sales.
Anyone can enjoy this management game because it is so adorable.
Live your dream of becoming a millionaire, even a billionaire!

This game is just for you!

For users who enjoy adorable games, tycoon games, business simulation games, cat games, grow games
For users who enjoy idle games where you don’t have to tap tap too much like clicker games
For users who enjoy both fishing games and business simulation games
For users who like games genres like hotel management or empire management simulations where you can employ managers
For users who want addictive tycoon games like Hamster Tycoon or Idle Restaurant
For users who prefer beautiful games with adorable animals over desolate factory games.
For users who enjoy cute games like Museum Tycoon or Cat Furniture Store with aspects of business simulation games
For users who are busy and enjoy idle grow games that you can play on and off
For users who like fishing while also looking for a relaxing game
For users who like healing sounds like waves and seagulls.

Idle Fishing Village Tycoon is a casual simulation game. Manage a beautiful, relaxing island and experience fun that other idle games don’t offer. It might not have empires or mines like mining games or hotel games but the adorable animal managers, cute buildings, and the islands that are beautiful day or night will relax your mind.
Download Idle Fishing Village Tycoon for free and relax while you become a billionaire.

If you find bugs or have suggestions, contact help[at] We will continue to make fun idle games, grow games, tycoon games, tap tap games, clicker games, hotel games, cat games, and business games.

We need your help to make even better tycoon games and relaxing, calm games. Please help us by recommending this game to friends who love idle games, cute games, and manager games.

Idle Fishing Village Tycoon user reviews :

I really like this game. Tutorial is pretty simple to understand. I like the different ways to earn rewards when the cat and dolphin pop up. The quest and daily rewards are gifted frequently enough. Not really any ads unless you watch them for extra rewards. Currently on my 2nd island and still has my interest. Overall,very cute good game to pass the time.

There are some bugs, but you can choose to watch ads to collect rewards or take a lesser (but still pretty helpful) reward without ads, which I like. For a game that JUST got released it’s really fun and expansive. I see a lot of potential in the game!

It is a pretty fun game so far. I have had some problems though, the stamps all glitched out and I can’t unlock any more fishing lands. I can’t progress any further. Would be great if this could be fixed.

  • hello. This is Buff Studio. What you said has been corrected and updated. If you update to the latest version from the store now, the problem can be resolved, so please refer to it.

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