Trench Warfare WW1 – Conquer the enemy trenches

[Game] Trench Warfare WW1 – RTS Battle

Trench Warfare WW1Welcome to Trench Warfare WW1: RTS Battle!

As a WWI general, command your army across trenches in the Eastern Front and Western Front, experiencing real-life historical battles as both the Allies and Central powers.

Engage in real time strategy (RTS) where your objective is to select the right combination of soldiers and tanks to conquer the enemy trenches. Survive wave upon wave of enemy soldiers as they try to gain supremacy and use tactical artillery strikes to support your army.

Choose your side from a variety of WWI nations including the British, Germans, French, and Ottoman military. Simulate battles such as Somme, Verdun, and Gallipoli, experiencing total war.

In Trench Warfare WWI your goal is to gain supremacy by capturing the enemy trenches and seeing your nations flag wave in the wind. Use RTS strategy and battle alongside your allies army in the trenches of total war!

Why limit yourself to WW1? In sandbox mode you can simulate any European war. Play as the Axis or Allies military war troops in WW2 or battle in D-Day (1944). Switch from 1917 to 1945 or equip your soldiers with early war uniforms from 1914 or late from 1918. Bring a WW2 Tank to D-Day and obliterate everything!

Total war supremacy in 100+ WWI levels
Sandbox simulator, create your own RTS battles
Use military army uniforms from all of WW1 1914, 1917, 1918 and even Axis WW2 skins from 1944 & 1945!
Upgrade your military soldiers to win World War 1
Unlock new special war troops

Trench Warfare WW1 user reviews :

literally an UPGRADE OF THE PREVIOUS GAME!!!!, it keeps it’s simplicity like in the previous one, while giving new options for the player!!!, although the game is great, i do have 3 new contents that i wish could be added! 1. i hope that the Mark lV’s WW2 skin is the churchill! 2. i want sandbox to be very flexible, Ex; actual terrain depth! like custom hills, rivers, & trenches! 3. i would definetly love to have more trucks, tanks, & troops throughout wars!. I def APPROVE!, so? TRY IT NOW!

Absolutely love it. I love the systems that you integrated from warlords conquest into here such as the unit upgrade system. This is a very faithful remake of the original. I can’t wait for future campaigns to be added! Edit: First review was at launch and I can still say I absolutely love this game. I got the premium and man am I loving just making tons of detailed levels. Also I love the skins (even though they are super pricey).

Extremely fun to play, I love the combat and the different scenarios each level brings. The small details are what really make this game pop. The uniforms and weapons of the soldiers are top notch, the background environments are very detailed and bring a great atmosphere to the levels. The only reason i can’t give this game 5 stars is the sandbox. You only get 2 save slots unless you pay $10 for premium. Most props are locked behind a paywall, unless you watch an add PER item. hope its changed.

I have done a review and I understand your monetization thing. Hence, here are some features I desire: All soldiers have rifles with bayonets, there is a plane unit for each country if they have an world war 1 airforce, the soldier screams when he gets injured, (optional) there should be a gloomy anti-war atmosphere and lastly the game should have an officer unit alongside historically accurate skins. Still, an excellent game! Hope you please kindly add the features for a good game.

is it really awesome world war 1 trance game I definitely suggest that you download this if you’re bored especially the endless customization of maps in the sandbox mode the remake is extreme improvement from the last game they made in the campaign levels are nice and simple 100% you should download this game.

Simple bit, I rescind my review saying your game would spam me with ads, because that’s how 99% of mobile games are. I was wrong. Thank you for not doing that and making them optional, and not obnoxious. In turn for your mind act, I have watched an ad on very time I finish a round, both for the coins, and a thank you. I will hopefully be able buy your premium soon, after I get 35 more cents. 4 stars to 5 stars, fun game.

  • Hm, people say the french campaign is the hardest so far. We nerfed the MG’s range and sniper dmg, and buffed sniper range + flamethrower

A really great game to start with, qualitys good and gameplay is good My recomendations are to add like online levels back the survival thing back. I like the ww2 skins do if you want to add it so that the mark v has a skin of a churchill or black prince tank or and if russia comes out if you want to make it a t-34-85 or a is-2 skin or is it too much work for you guys. You dont have to do it.

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