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[Game] Merge Arena – Build your deck

Merge ArenaWarriors! Welcome to Merge Arena! Fight fast-paced battles, defend your army in real time in PvP with other players!

Enjoy the unique gameplay of this merging game! Build a deck of heroes, make it a tower of your strength, defend your squad, win battles, beat armies from around the planet, be the strongest PvP player!

Collect and level up your heroes to unlock even more arenas for further battles! Devise ingenious tactics and battle strategies to defeat PvP opponents, collect even more heroes, and become the greatest Merge Arena champion of them all!

Build your deck of cards, conquer the game board, and fight your way through arenas!
Master the merge and strategy. Create a balanced deck, level up your heroes, learn to summon and use abilities and spells, and play smart!

Each hero is a star. Each has unique abilities: they can summon minions, destroy defenses, and shoot their enemies! Gather a squad and go into combat!
Don’t be idle: brawl, win, climb the leaderboard, and move to new arenas. Unlock the league system and become the legend!

Complete legendary quests, climb the battle pass levels, storm, and smite! Awesome rewards await.Become the champion of the board, cover yourself in glory, and unlock chests with rewards. Shoot for the stars with Merge Arena!

What to expect from this epic tactics and strategy game:

Summon heroes, boost them by merging, and marvel at how fast they smash the enemy into smithereens.

Engage in PvP battles to rise to the top and open up new arenas!

Earn gold and rating points to level up your heroes and advance through the arenas system.

Merge and evolve heroes to unlock new perks, abilities, and attacks or increase their stats for ultimate one-shot kills!

Collect hero cards to level up your squad and increase your tactical potential. Some unique and limited cards are truly royal: go to war with other players, win, and increase your rating score!

Win and build your rating to unlock more cards and enemies! Strategize, level up super heroes, clash with enemies, and win!

The PvE mode will become available in future updates! Keep playing and follow the news!

Rush on, brave fighters! Clash in PvP battles, conquer the board, reinforce your squad, and collect heroic cards on the arena!

Merge Arena user reviews :

edit : my comment under this still stands but I’ve added a star because it’s become very addicting! It’s a nice game but the pay walls are massive. There’s no ads unless you click to watch an ad. The characters are great. There’s not much skill needed to be honest but I’ll keep the game for now as it is a good & fun time waster to play in-between my other 2 games.

  • Hello, thank you for the feedback. Our team will keep balancing and improving the game. If you have ideas on how to make the game more entertaining, please contact us via the game settings or at support[at]

It’s really a great game, nice blend of various genres, ok replay value, and well programmed: Only bug I see is that sometimes a fight in the tooth tournament doesn’t seem to be finished. Would need some work on keeping players engaged with more diverse challenges or even clan level campaigns, otherwise the daily grind for a few hundred coins and cards of useless common and rare units has a risk of making players lose interest. But it’s doable, hope it will happen. Thanks and good luck.

  • Hello, we are sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact our support team via the game settings or at support[at], and they will assist you.

Fun to play and good ideas, but unfortunately it’s extremely pay to play/pay to win garbage. Everything in the game is geared towards getting you to spend money or watch ads. Legendaries are the only ones that matter and those take 30k gold in the shop, spending money, or saving up 100 years to unlocking 1. You get additional stats from leveling up cards, which is unbalanced to push you to buy gold. Very disappointing, stay away. Can progress fast early but it’s a trap.

  • Hello, thank you for the feedback. Our team will keep balancing and improving the game. If you have ideas on how to make the game more entertaining, please contact us via the game settings or at support[at]

It’s quite fun and has a surprising depth of strategy to it. Ads are quite bearable unlike most games and that’s a big plus. My biggest gripe is the mechanics of cards and matchmaking. About half of the matches are determined before they start, both in that some it would be nearly impossible to win because they have more legendaries or way higher might, or impossible to lose because of the you have more of them.

  • Hello, thank you for the feedback. Our team will keep balancing the game. If you have ideas on how to improve the game, please contact us via the game settings or at support[at]

Simple but fun, and a relatively original concept. I’ve spent some money, but it even before that I was able to win games against people with a lot of legendaries. Kinda reminds me of auto chess games (which I also like), especially in the tournament mode, but with much quicker matches that make it a good choice for bus rides and waiting rooms.

  • Hello Ben, thank you for the review! Good luck in the game!

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