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[Game] Tri Peaks Emerland Solitaire

Tri Peaks Emerland Solitaire

Be the hero the world needs!

Welcome to Emerland Solitaire, the land of card magic! An incredible journey awaits you, in a beautiful world filled with dwarfs, elves, mermaids and many other amazing creatures.

Colorful locations, numerous card combos, helpful companions, and many hours of journeying—all of this awaits you in Emerland Solitaire: Endless Journey.

Wisk away to a land filled with wonder and danger. As a new adventurer, you must learn about all the dangers that face you while traversing enchanted forests, majestic bluffs, and more!

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Tri Peaks Emerland Solitaire user reviews :

Great game, ads are short and option for ads only if you want them. Nice to be able to go back and perfect levels

Love the game. Having a hard time with the ship portion. I believe that is not working right.

I love this game so beautiful. But the cards are so small that I make mistakes. Can you please make cards a little larger please

This game is not like the second version of the same game because the cards are really small and they’re difficult to read and it’s just not as fun to play. I’m really thinking about uninstalling it because it’s just boring and annoying and I’m straining my eyes just to read the small cards so it’s not worth it to keep it. I really like the other solitaire games by the same company but this one is no good

This game requires alot of ad watching to earn coins to play. The game was frozen at level 6. I had to drop the app. Sorry this happened. It was a cute game. I had 330 coins stock piled when the game locked up.

Fun game with nice graphics. Love it that I’m not bombarded with ads. My only complaint is that the cards are small and a little hard to see. Otherwise I like it.

Very interesting and fun way of playing Solitaire and I just love it!

It’s a great and challenging game, keeps my mind busy

Not the best Emerland one. You can’t keep on unless you reach a certain amount of stars. Characters don’t speak like in the first one. Cards are smaller. Even graphics are not as great as the others. Therefore, not one I am keeping to play.

This is one of the FEW games with NO ADS! It makes me want to keep playing cuz im not interrupted 20million times! The game is very enjoyable… I really like it

Very nice .if game crashes its not the game its your phone does not have enough ram.always check your system settings to see how much ram it has ,then check how big the game file is before downloading it. Most phones only have 1gb of storage. I have a tablet with 128gb.

Great game play! Love the graphics & audio! Only problem is not being able to sign into Facebook!! Why not?? Would like to play across devices!Thank you!

It is so cool and I injoy it is a challenge an I like it so I Love

I’m having a great time playing this game

Very OK in my book,like the graffics,also fingers are busy and mind is working on solving the game so I really like it!!!

I like t!his game and the music but lay off the ads they can be VERY annoying!!!

I love this game but I wish there was a way it could be connected to Facebook so I don’t have to start over everytime I download the game to a new device.

I love playing all Solitaire card games, they are fun and enjoyable. Ms. A. B. Rocker

Been a life long solitaire player & this is one of two solitaire games I play everyday…fantastic, farout & fabulous!!!

was ok until did update now when not in use taking away lives and not building them up again so making it difficult to play

Got stuck on one level had to remove data and start from beginning otherwise its my favorite

Like it but waiting for the next set of levels to continue

the cards could be a bit bigger apart from that the game is good

Love this game. would lik to play.

Always loved this particular game. I just wish you had the full game.

Very relaxable to play and have fun to play it

  • Thank you very much for your 5-star review!!!

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