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Tricky BridgeLearn Bridge, practice solo, and play anytime! It’s the classic card game and the ultimate mind sport. Develop your skills or just play, and compete in tournaments at your level in the app that’s built for all types of players!

Just starting out? This app teaches the bridge card game from the very beginning! Learn through a series of 57 fun, free beginner lessons and quickly grasp the fundamentals of bidding, play, and strategy. Improve your bidding and play skills through the free, unlimited Practice Mode, and learn bridge card game further by playing with robots, even if you don’t have an internet connection. We make it free, easy, and fun to learn how to play!

Play duplicate contract bridge with excellent robot AI (SAYC or 2/1 bidding systems, both customizable) based on a World Champion program, and enjoy fun, stratified duplicate bot tournaments online. Work your way up the ladder from Rookie to Grand Master. Play this classic card game anytime, 24/7! Learn what any bid means by tapping on it to pop open a description.

Lessons for beginners (completely new? You’re in the right place!)
Practice Mode (solo play with bots, includes hints), totally free
Quick Tournaments (MP scoring, stratified)
Daily Tournaments (MP scoring)
Knockouts (IMP scoring, stratified)

Tricky Bridge user reviews :

Great game. Biggest missing feature is the ability to do targeted practice. I’d like to be able to play endless practice mode but only receive hands that have been covered by certain lessons. Without that there’s a limited ability to use this as a learning tool. I’d also like a way to retroactively see which way the bots would have bid and more of a written explanation for why.

Got stuck on a lesson. There is no feedback on your mistakes so you don’t learn without playing the same game over and over again until by some miracle you get it right. You can’t change format of cards so diamonds are yellow for example which is not helpful for live play. It’s fun and simple to understand otherwise and thankfully you can skip the back story cartoon that is there to engage those of 8 years old. Deleting in the hope I can find something more useful and yet simple to understand.

I’m getting back into Bridge after 15 – 20 years. The tutorials were very a well done, and entertaining, way to refresh the basic and intermediate concepts of the game. The duplicate games are a gentle and fun way to hone necessary skills and improve play. Easy to play a few hands when taking 5 to relax during busy day. Bravo!!!

Great intro to bridge! Easy way to learn and understand more advanced play. Devs: would it be possible to better lable lessons, or offer a summary of what they are from the select screen? There are certain topics I would like to re-visit and I end up blindly selecting from 57 lessons until I find it. That’s my only complaint! Otherwise great

Well made and fun to play but I’m getting some strange bids and plays. Eg I finish the bidding on 3NT and partner bids 4c – description says they have at least 5 clubs (I have 3). I pass – the computer has 3 clubs! We don’t make the contract and most people are in 3NT making it! Or opponents bid 5d – no bidding from me or partner. They make 5d. In results most people were playing against 3d! I’ve also seen some absolutely bizarre plays. Could anyone explain the examples I’ve given? Cheers

So once you finish the lessons, you’re allowed 10 hands of play and then you cough up extortion money? No thanks, plenty of better AI and free apps out there. Intro is alright up until Lesson 40, then the devs got lazy and ran out of ideas trying to teach you some convoluted betting systems that their own bots are horrible at. 3 stars for attempt.

If you love to be in story, play this version. You get to learn the basics and the players are always your teachers. The story is interesting and you are a part of their journey. It only sucks if you have done the story line, but it is worth the download. Enjoy being the character in the story.

Of all the bridge apps that I have played as someone who is just trying to get my foot in this world, this is by far the best app both in terms of user interface and educational materials. I did not hesitate to pay for the unlimited deals after a completing the lessons portion. you can report any bugs that you find directly to the discord group. anyone who rates this less than five e stars is spoiled and has no idea how much effort goes into building something so nice. Great work!

  • David, thank you for your excellent review!

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