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[Game] Fusion Masters

Fusion MastersFusion Masters is a cartoon fantasy card game where you create a customizable team of elemental monsters from a varied collection of cards!


Construct the ultimate deck with dozens of collectable monster cards, each with different playstyles! Battle strategically against a challenging exploration mode and defeat the most powerful masters and their monsters!


Hatch monster eggs and receive brand new monsters! Train and fuse them together to create various and more powerful cards!


Duel players around the world for huge prizes and rewards! Do you have what it takes to become the best Fusion Master and reach the top of the Arena highscores?


Four distinct elements of monsters to control with different playstyle. Will you favor Fire, Water, Nature or Dark?
Dozens of different monsters to collect with multiple fusions! Fuse and Train your monster cards to become more powerful version of themselves!
Create a strategic deck and win against your opponents.
Fight in the Arena against thousands of other players around the world and prove you have the best monster deck!

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Fusion Masters user reviews :

This game is pretty nice. Amazing art, animations, and card design. The only problem is that you haven’t updated this game in a while, almost 4 years. If this game had more updates, that would be gladly appreciated. Maybe new cards, new abilities, and balance changes. You should also make the Campaign, Holo Chamber, and Trials of the Masters offline because you don’t really need an internet connection to do that. This game is really underrated and should get more attention.

This will be 5 stars! Once we figure out how to fix this, I can’t watch the ads for the other monster cards at the end of battle! Everytime I complete a battle I’m missing out on 2 extra monsters to boost my team right off the bat! Also, it wouldn’t let me log into Facebook but I don’t have a problem with other games.. I’m not sure. Player name is Khalessi, help!

Was enjoying the game until I spent a bunch of coins to open eggs and spent a bunch of gems to get more coins to open more eggs and when I was in the middle of upgrading my monsters the game glitched randomly and all the new monsters I just acquired disappeared. Closed and cleared the game and rebooted it (thinking it would correct the issue) and it didn’t fix it. Quite disappointed

I want a sequel to this game!! I really like fusion masters but it doesn’t have a lot to offer. A longer campaign would be nice or if you did make a sequel make it easier to beat your opponents so you don’t have to grind so much! More game mode options would be nice too. Overall though really nice game!!

Fun game with a very nice theme and good strategies. But I’m giving it 3 stars as it’s riddled with bugs and no way to contact the development team/support. Furthermore, the game is designed to hinder progress so that you put money into it eventually. It has to make money, but I’d rather it encouraged players to pay because it’s cool rather than making it feel like a grind. I hope the devs at least implement in-game support. Nitpicking here but there are also balance issues. Otherwise great job.

No matter what I do it allways says can connect to server. I tried it multiple times at different places. Restarted my phone, coming back to it in a few minutes, redownloading it, nothing works! It used to allways work but not anymore I’m confused! I like the game, witch is why I’m trying to play it. If it wasn’t for this, I would give this game 5 Stars.

Kindda adicting but the arena matchmaking is not balanced, sometimes the opponent is just too over powered and sometimes the opponent is just weaker. I can tell , you put alot of effort in this game but after you finished this game you stopped working on it, its been a long time since you updated this game. I hope you can update it more often and fix the matchmaking problems

It’s a pretty fun game. Sometimes though, the game in a way hangs and the only choice is to surrender. A small piece of a card is stuck on the top which you can still press, but you can’t continue the round.

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