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Truck Simulator WorldThe best truck simulator game with the largest open world map has been developed by Sir Studios, the publisher of many simulator games on mobile such as Ultimate Car Driving Simulator. Truck Simulator World comes with the most realistic graphics, biggest map, huge selection of European and American trucks, countless customization options and more!

The best truck simulator comes with the best open world map ever created. Explore the world as you are driving across continents, enjoying the view. As you transport your precious cargo to the world’s captivating countries created with the best graphics, discover the flowing roads, vibrant cities and events along the way.

To improve your experience behind the wheel, we have created the most realistic driving experience with the most advanced physics engine to date. From sunny days to snowy nights, you will experience all kinds of conditions with the ultimate graphics ever developed.

As you push the limits of your skills behind the wheel and drive your truck, test your company management at the same time to show the competitive world that you didn’t get to where you are by accident. Control your character, hire important names in the industry, grow your company and dominate the roads as a truck driver.

Join crazy teams driving around the world, delivering cargos. Connect with your friends to create a crew and explore the world. Join a union and become the best performing team in the world.

Show your style to the world with your customized truck. From body kits to vinyls, your garage is full of parts to make you feel like pro designers and create your ultimate dream truck. Upgrade your truck to meet the requirements of relentless companies, deliver cargo faster, increase payload capacity and driver comfort.

The largest map of the mobile world
Many interactive actions, from filling fuel with character control to accessing the company computer
Multiplayer mode where you can carry loads with your friends and strengthen your union
Hard realistic simulation experience such as fatigue, hunger, sleeplessness
Access to the police database for detailed CVs of the drivers to be hired
Gigantic machines, ready-to-launch rockets, damaged tanks, food, etc. dozens of different cargo types to choose
Seat and mirror settings that you can feel like a real cabin
Unsparingly realistic penalty system
Unique talent system that offers valuable features from each other
The union system where you dominate the cities
A unique, fully customizable company headquarters
Avatar, license plate and company logo that you can customize
Travelers hitchhiking and traveling with you, giving mysterious gifts
Detailed and customizable cockpits
30+ American trucks and European trucks
Second-hand market with dozens of amazing trucks that you can use by repairing
Realistic truck physics
Day-night cycle and perfect weather conditions
Higher-up graphics, breathtaking landscapes and optimization
And much more…

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Truck Simulator World user reviews :

Ngl, the graphics are really amazing. But the game itself has multiple problems that need to be fixed (ofc it’s a new game). First, the steering wheel isn’t that great. I tried to lower the sensitivity but the truck kept swerving left and right and it’s so frustrating to drive. So I recommend devs to lower the overall sensitivity and add more weight to the trucks cuz it seems more like driving an extremely light car rather than big trucks. Second, the ai keeps frozing and it’s blocking the road.

I’m a game tester, played lots of simulation games, this game has great graphics but has lots of issues . 1. The steering wheel control is bad, it doesn’t reset to default when released and it’s makes it hard to control the truck. 2. The truck feels really light 3. Ai traffic control needs work and also traffic lights take forever to change at times. 3. I love the rain effect esp when it begins but once wipers are on, there’s nothing to show that you’re wiping, it needs work. Promising game

Game is good. But graphic is not realistic and very poor control. Stearing control also is not good. I thought that it’s may be normal issue like sensitivity but I have faced same poor control after fixing sensitivity. So it is a big problem in this game. Please fix it and please improve graphics. If you fix these thing I am sure all simulation lover will buy this game.

As a new game, really good work on the trucks characters, but issues will happen. Game lag is pretty hard when the weather changes. It would be good if we could control it. Also, issues with delivery and hikers and gas station either falling thru the map or not being able to deliver. Also had an issue today with the game not loading. I hope it gets fixed soon. You guys also need to get a discord server up and running so everyone is aware of any updates or new things coming to the game.

Best game, but there’s glitches I find in the game, am in a mission in Italy scenery, driving from Venice to Florence and along the way the truck fall into outer space, just floating in space, please fix it.Then my opinion in this game, through out the mission I drove, there’s no tunnel and no distance bridges across ocean or mountain, and the traffic in the highway are very low, add more cars, lorries and trucks to make the roads look more busy, please fix the bug in the next update.

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