[App] twicca

twiccatwicca : Yet another Twitter client for Android™.

twicca is Twitter™ Client for Android™.

* Notification
* Auto pager
* Search
* Post with photo/video upload(
* Shorten URL
* Geo tagging
* Saved searches
* Recent hashtags
* Reply history
* Lists
* Retweet
* Color label
* Managing twitter profile
* Trending topics
* Local trends
* Extending function by plug-in
* Widget
* Uploading profile icon
* Report for spam
* Block user
* Image Preview
* Geotagging with map preview
* Tweet filtering(Mute)

Experimental features:
* Multiple account support.
* Launch from status bar
* twitpic video preview
* New line

twicca is looking for supporters for the future development and maintenance. For more information, menu -> more -> twicca supporters.


* If you install to external storage, you might not be able to use some features.

* If widget is something wrong, please delete it and put new widget to home again.

* Please see hzzps://

Twitter: @twicca_en

twicca user reviews :

Been using this app for a long time now and I love it. But lately I haven’t been able to change my profile pic. Please fix if you can! (LG Optimus V)

For those trying to quote tweets, that option is located under reply to user. Press the > button beside reply to user, and you should see the quote tweet option. Anyways, twicca is a battery saver, and has no ads.

Love being able to blacklist people & things. Just wish there was more colors! Add more & it will become a 5 star app!

been through the majority of the rest, incl.the official (which is excellent in itself), + this comes out on top. visually takes a bit to get used to, but soo feature rich, takes up so little memory, + free. excellent app.

Download twicca :


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