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UFC Mobile 2  UFC Mobile 2 brings you authentic Mixed Martial Arts like never before.

Knockout the competition with new fighters, advanced capabilities, and updated weight classes — all tied to UFC.

Combat sports, revamped. Experience authentic UFC action as you collect and compete against real, world-class athletes. Fight in intense matchups and engage with live content in-between actual UFC events, something no other fighting game can offer. The real world of UFC has never been more accessible.

Unlock your favorite fighters and level them up to increase their strength. Each fighter has an MMA deck of unique abilities that unlock and increase in power as you rank up your fighter. Fight in Campaigns, Raids, and participate in Live and Special Events to earn in-game rewards. Sports glory is attainable for both the novice player and veteran fight fan alike — all you need is the will to knockout the competition.

Put your fighting abilities to the test and engage in the most intense MMA fighting experience mobile has to offer. RPG capabilities, unique decks, and real-time action await you in the Octagon. Punch your way up to the top of the leaderboards, today.

The Octagon is calling — do you have what it takes to compete against the best?



Fighters you know and love from every weight class, available for you to choose from.
Live, immersive content that aligns with what you see on-screen, in the real world.
Signature fight moves your favorite athletes use to finish fights — now at your disposal.
Build your dream team of fighters and knockout events!
Up-to-date fighting action with new UFC icons, updated capabilities, and the latest events.

Level up MMA Fighters, each with unique abilities, to increase their strength over time.
Fight in Campaigns and Special Events for exclusive rewards. The more you play, the more you earn!

RPG gameplay continuously evolves and progresses as you play.
Compete in Guilds that match your play style and connect with like-minded players.
Battle with teams! Collect, compete, and advance your fighters over time.

Download today and fight to become a true UFC Champion.

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UFC Mobile 2 user reviews :

look EA the game is exceptional but I have a few problems firstly I just the game more realistic & fair in terms of damage it’s not even the same as the console it’s literally just based on which is upgraded more just unfair I need more rounds as in the actual 5 one more thing go look at the console version then come back to the mobile version & make improvements please

The game looks good but it needs a lot of improvement…On Samsung Galaxy tab s7 with snapdragon 865 there are lots of graphical glitches…but the gameplay and the way the game is made are spot on, perfect ufc mobile…I hope that there will be a fight night mobile game, just like this one!

The Negative reviews saying this is a “Cash Grab” or “You can only do 3 hit combos! Are people who didn’t play past the first chapter, they didn’t put a single rank on a fighter and definitely didn’t see how many rewards you can unlock by grinding the same way you would any other game!! It’s great for a mobile UFC reminds me of Ultimate Team from UFC 3 it’s good hope to see more added.

The range and control of the fighters’ strikes are not good. It’s like three strike combinations that you don’t get to choose and the game’s reaction time for throwing strikes is slower than in the previous game. It was way better in this regard. The game areas are confusing too. It’s a different setup which is interesting but it’s not a better game than the last one. Use the old controls and abilities format and it would be awesome!

I personally expected it to be better, like creating own player with ground and pound even if the npc is knocked out, graphics is really good, I think if the game’s fighting was more interesting like tapping on the top for head hit, tapping in the middle of the screen for a body shot and taping on the bottom of the screen to kick the legs and then you have your special moves because you don’t have alot of special moves, I think the old version of the game was better, not much better but better

Could have done better with the in-game fighting action. Graphics looks great, there’s alot of events and the fighters have been updated which is good. Now there is only the problem with the fighting action, just leave the fighting mechanism from UFC 1 mobile to be the same. Or you could update it with some button and movable joy sticks for free movement around the octagon..

I’ll give it a 3* for now! I was expecting it to be alot better an to say how long we waited for it to actually be released it is not all that! I really uninstalled but I gave it chance an now I have got use to the way it plays I have liked it more. But they is alot to be sorted out on the game it’s a little of a let down If you asked for a short honest answer. But the game is young I keep playing every day an I hope to see it improve in the future. Cmon EA you have what it takes to improve

It’s very nice I tried it the game was interesting! Im so surprised games like this exist. My opinion is a 5 stars but I’ve got more to share. The graphics are incredible and the fun never ends! I really recommend people to play this game and feel the fun!

Latest Update :

Welcome to EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2, now available world wide! Face off against the best UFC Fighter’s in the world in the new Grudge Match Event on your path to becoming the Ultimate Fighting Champion!

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