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[Game] Ultimate DragonMaster

Ultimate DragonMasterThe greatest Incremental game ever!

Looking for an easy, yet entertaining, and not-so-ordinary Incremental game?
You’ve come to the right place!

The official sequel of Blade Crafter that has recorded 3 million downloads!
Play Ultimate Dragonmaster now!

Fuse minerals in the Mine and equip them to your dragons to make them stronger.
Spin the roulette to get special rewards and play mini-games.
Don’t worry about using skills while fighting—they’re used automatically!
A formidable Boss monster appears every 100 stages. Challenge Boss monsters now!
Clear stages and get a variety of bonus rewards.

Ultimate DragonMaster user reviews :

So I’m usually not a fan of games like these but I decided to give it a go, and I love it. It passes the time and I enjoy the the cute little animated Monsters and Dragons and the music! Now I did see one glitch in the game, it’s not bad or game breaking and it doesn’t stop the game from being fun, but sometimes one of your dragons will glitch out when it strikes an enemy with a regular attack and reset the dragon in the bar. Just maybe something to look at in future updates and patches.

Really fun game. The only thing keeping me from giving a 5 star, is there is no option for a hard reset. I wanted to start over to try something different. I deleted my cache, storage, and reinstalled, none of which worked as it uses automatic cloud saving and loading. Please give the ability to hard reset and I’ll change my rating to a 5 star.

  • Thank you for your compliments. Very rarely, users want a reset function. My development team will have a meeting on this feature. If there are no problems with support, we will update this feature. Have a nice day.

While it’s yet another idle sort of game with an all too familiar upgrade/progress loop, this one stands taller than its peers for limiting ads (they’re there but not so in your face like others) while offering much to do in a typical play session. Even the timed stuff in the game is actually set at a more than reasonable interval. While they are a sort of bottleneck I can often get what I need pretty quickly. If you like idle games pick this one up it’s fun

An idle game. Check in, get some coins, level up dragons, click around, log out. It would be nice if it was more interactive. Weird how they expect you to stare at the screen, doing nothing, and occasionally tapping ‘winged monsters’ (a piece of something flying by in a bubble w angel wings) If you want to progress, leave your phone on with this app open, then do something else. Not fun or a time waster, but I’ve had it for a while and it doesn’t take much space.

Not many ads, quick recharge time, balanced buying, everything has a purpose and great mechanics. The only thing I would complain about is the quality. Maybe the dragons could be more realistic. Also, the timer for how long until the next dragon could reset when you tap on a dragon. There could also be a setting to see how much health an enemy has left(like a percentage or an actual number). But overall this is a great game, I think it would go far In the mobile gaming industry.

It’s a really cute and fun game, with a few selective other things to do while doing other things that help pass time. I would say the only downfall is the battle portion, it can be very boring if you just sit and watch them battle. Especially with such little interaction. But a perfect simple game to pass time and not worry about loosing out on anything good if you haven’t been on in a few days.

Its well rounded honestly. You can easily get by without watching ads or purchasing gems but if you choose to do so both are equally rewarding. The gameplay is what you’d expect from an idle clicker but this one throws a spin on it that I haven’t seen before. I do think it needs a few things such as PvP and some type of co-op raid style event would be nice as well. I do understand the game is still new however so I won’t hold that again you. Overall a fun game that kept me coming back.

I find the game fun to play. I do wish that the game had like a little different evolving system where the dragons couldn’t all be the same dragon or tier just buy leveling it up, but that’s just my opinion. Otherwise this game is actually kinda fun if you wanna pass the time or trying to level up your dragons all to the last stage. It is a fairly easy game but one that is quite enjoyable in my opinion.

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