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[Game] World of Water

World of WaterFriend or foe behind the seagrass?

How many treasures lie hidden beneath the coral? What kind of stories are awaiting us? Join the World of Water to explore now! Starting from the Great Barrier Reef, you can break new ground, rebuild your home, assemble troops, challenge enemies lurking in the dark, and eventually become King of the Oceans! Your legend is yours to write!

Game Features
Unique Ocean Base
The Coral Reef is the habitat for deep-sea creatures. Therefore, planning and developing the Coral Reef is a crucial strategy for your Home to thrive! Here, you can also upgrade buildings, research evolutions, train troops, and build the marine habitat of your own. From the small Seaweed Bed to the giant Coral, you are free to enjoy the undersea world designed and developed on your own.

Match-3 Battles
Want to enjoy a relaxing yet fun elimination game? Come play our match-3 battles! You can defeat enemies while experiencing the joy of eliminating puzzle pieces.

Recruit Mysterious Heroes
In the depths of the ocean live a group of mysterious and powerful creatures known as Heroes. Recruiting them as your companions is definitely the best choice in the undersea world. Let these guardians of the ocean kingdom become your trusted partner: explore the mysteries of the ocean and forge your legendary story!

Strategy At Your Will
There are various types of troops and formations in the game. To adapt to rapid changes on the battlefield, you need to select the right combination of Heroes and troops according to different enemies. With proper formation and effective skill releases, you can easily defeat stronger enemies.

Global Cooperation
As the deep sea hides abundant creatures and resources, some may become your opponents. Join the strongest alliance and participate in battles with allies from all over the world. Under the alliance flag, you become invincible!

If you encounter any problems, or have any question, we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us through the in-game GM, or through the following channels:
Official Facebook: @World of Water
Official Discord:

World of Water user reviews :

This is not what was advertised at all. I was lead to believe this was a type of adventure, free roaming game but was blindsided when a match 3 game popped up. Then there’s a lot of stuff happening at once. Click on this, click on that, hey, click here. Worse, is the hand that constantly points to the quests anytime you don’t touch the screen for more than a second. It’s absolutely annoying but no way to turn it off. I waited a while for this game, I’m not interested in another match 3.

  • Thank you for your feedback. We are committed to continuously improving the game. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact us through the following ways. Facebook: Discord: VK:

This game is so well put together. The story thus far, the graphics, bios, abilities that match and make sense to each creature, fights, to the building and expanding. Upon leveling and joining a good, friendly, and active Alliance, the game truly starts to fully shine. I don’t have enough space for the praise or all off the words that I’d like to use. Honestly, try this one out. Same greatness from a builder, but with many twists and beautiful surprises. Kudos, keep it coming.

  • Thank you for your love for our game! We are committed to ongoing improvements to enhance your gaming experience. We invite you to join our community and share your thoughts with us—your support inspires us! Facebook: Discord: VK:

Love this type of strategy game, I didn’t expect it to be match 3 based, but I personally enjoy match 3 games especially with a fighting element. The designs of the sea creatures are good, and the progression feels well paced. The match 3 element is also enjoyable and the different sea creatures have different powerups you can use to beat the enemies. It doesn’t just solely rely on your sea creatures’ strength levels either, you have to actually think about making the best moves.

  • Thank you for your love of our game, we will continue to improve the game, and bring you a better experience. You can also join our community to talk to us, your support will bring me more power! Facebook:

I love this game! It wasn’t quite what was advertised but I enjoy it none the less. This game is getting a lot of negative reviews because of the false advertising and I’m sad to see it. I have spent over 12h playing and haven’t gotten bored yet! You never run out of things to do and the graphics are amazing! Highly recommend! I don’t usually like match 3 games but this is an exception for me!

  • Thank you for your love of our game, we will continue to improve the game, and bring you a better experience. You can also join our community to talk to us, your support will bring me more power! Facebook:

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