Undercover Blood Bonds – Entangled in a mystery

[Game] Undercover Blood Bonds

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As Vera returns to the city from which she escaped, she finds herself entangled in a mystery straight out of a dark fiction novel.

When Vera discovers that her sister is missing, she refuses to admit that Lilly is dead, determined to find her. Following scraps of information, Undercover visits successive locations, each worse than the previous. In what way could an innocent girl find such a shady company?

The investigation becomes complicated when Lilly’s boyfriend – or rather, her ex-fiance – turns out to be the prime suspect in the murder. We will learn about old secrets and the city’s governance systems that are hidden from the light of day…

Is there someone who you can trust and who is trying to entangle you in a web of dark intrigue?

Embark on a journey alongside Vera on the trail of her lost sister
Pose as a bartender to serve customers and gather evidence
Engage in challenging gameplay
Enjoy a captivating story throughout 60 levels
Discover the colorful scenes and sounds of the night city in five unique locations!
Try your hand at five dedicated mini-games
Choose from three available difficulty levels
Solve Lilly’s disappearance mystery without being exposed!

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Undercover Blood Bonds user reviews :

I actually like the game but there’s times that I click on an item but I have to do it more than once or it doesn’t get selected. I get the ad thing. You do have to watch a 30 second ad each level after level 5 or you can pay to remove ads. Decent choice but I’m not personally paying and I don’t have the patience for 30 seconds each level. I play too fast for that and it got old fast. Cool game but not worth paying or watching ads. Plus the little bug issue when tapping.

GREAT game! Loved it!! And I genuinely hope there are many more JUST like it! You can play for absolutely free, by watching a 30-second ad between each level or pay and have no ads, so it works for everyone. The storyline was wonderful and no problems with the gameplay. The only problem, I was so sad when I completed it.

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Love the look of the characters & settings, very creative & fun. A unique departure from the other GH stories. The foods & drinks are also fun & creative. The music matched the settings well. My big issue with this game is that the “hard” setting is way too easy, there was zero challenge. I can’t imagine what easy is like if that was “hard.” The Emily games were always PERFECT, I don’t know why these newer GH games can’t get it right. The art dept is spot on, but the gaming itself needs help.

  • Thank you for your feedback! We’ll take it into consideration when making improvements to the game.

So they’re some pros and cons to this game it’s a great game but it has it’s flaws. 1 it lags quite a bit when I’m making the item and bringing it to the customers it doesn’t recognized that I pressed what needed to be pressed. 2 I love the theme song but it does get annoying to hear it in every level you play. 3 I also wished that when a character had an enemy they’d have good comebacks with the insults. Other than that the game is phenomenal fun to play and has an amazing story

  • Thank you for your feedback! We’ll take it into consideration when making improvements to the game.

Great visuals and it’s fun to play, especially the locations and item usage. However, I played on hard and it was very, very easy to get 3 stars which isn’t usually the standard for game house stories. The story was good but disconnected and I found myself not really caring about the story.

  • Thank you for your feedback! We’ll take it into consideration when making improvements to the game.

I downloaded the game yesterday an finish it this morning I love it so far it’s really great I only had two problems with it in the beginning u could hear the music an sounds but wen start playing the sounds goes completely can’t hear ntn my second problem was the on the sec bar level the other glass drink is to close to the beer station cause me to touch the wrong drink or my beers to overflow bec the mix drink with coke still showing if you’ll fix it then great but I love the game so far

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