Unknown Fate – You have no memories of your past

[Game] Unknown Fate – Mysterious Puzz

Unknown Fate You wake up, alone, in a world completely unknown to you.

You have no memories of your past, you don’t know how you managed to reach this world and the only thing you can do is go on and try to find the truth.

Unknown Fate is a single-player first person puzzle-adventure with a mysterious story, puzzles to solve and enemies to defeat
Travel in incredible worlds solving the puzzles around you and collecting Richard’s lost memories to uncover the truth about Richard’s journey.

Explore 5 surreal and mysterious worlds completely in 3D.

Solve puzzles to help Richard reach the end of his journey.

Continue the game to discover the hidden truth.

A completely offline game, with no ADS and surprises.

The game natively supports both the 16: 9 and the new extended formats 18: 9 and 19: 9.

Unknown Fate can be played using the on screen controls or using a bluetooth/USB controller*.
The game has been optimized for Android TV devices (e.g. Nvidia Shield TV).
Requires at least 2GB of free space.
The game has various quality presets to allow user with low end devices to play the game**.

* Tested with XboxOne, Xbox360 controller and Nvidia Shield Controller. Contact us if you want us to support other third party controllers.
** Tested on
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
Huawei P20 Lite
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Honor 6X
Honor 10
Samsung Chromebook Plus (Chrome OS)
Nvidia Shield TV (Android TV)

Unknown Fate user reviews :

This game is Perfect! Storyline was great! Graphics and Gameplay too! But suddenly, when I’m in the place where I need to save the dog, instead of showing 3 enemies, it only show 1. After I defeated it, it doesn’t do anything. The dog where there like he doesn’t see my character. I watched the pc gameplay. And I founded out that after defeating the enemy. I should able to talk to the dog. While in my mobile. It doesn’t. Pls tell me if this is a bug or something

Controls need tightening a lot. even settings put to spec still make the movement and actions wofty as can be. the camera control wanders too much, I turn to my left and the camera spirals off uncontrollably. the actions need work, the jump and powers need much adjustment. And the audio, the freaking audio… anytime the background ambience or soundtrack plays, I can’t hear the dialog… at all. Its drowned out completely. And it won’t let me adjust it. That needs to be desperately fixed…

  • Hi, We’ve forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!

i got a problem, it’s pretty silly that i bought the whole game,and i still can’t pass the “artifact new core” push bottom,when i reach that place wheer i should move the platform so I could pass the level,theres no such button as it shows on the instructions, the game amazing for a phone , although i need an asap fix for the HUD or the joystick,theres a missing button ,i hope you guys say something

I am absolutely loving thia game. Especially the creativity amd thought given to level design is amazing. I would love it more if this has some kind of hint system for where to go as well. Although the map is pretty straightforward but sometimes I got stuck amd didn’t know what to do next to goto the next level. Hint system for path can be similar to the ghost of Tsushima. It had winds showing the path throughout the map.

Really want to enjoy the game but can’t as the Android three button overlay on the right side (tasks, home, back) is forced on my display for some reason. There is not option to disable it either. I have noticed this with several games built using the Unity engine on Android. Based on videos, this title seems epic and like a true gaming experience but it is definitely far too distracting for me to play on my gamepad and for that reason I’ll wait for an update and fix before purchasing.

Nah. I can’t tell if this is a horror or adventure game with the music, i fell under the map like 5 times trying to explore and had to restart the level which is annoying considering the cutscenes are unskippable. Graphics are impressive and it has potential but needs Polish.

Great game and graphics, But I got stuck in a level where it’s glitched I believe… I tried everything then thought of checking gameplay on youtube and found out there is something missing in the game that was supposed to show up but it didn’t… so I got stuck in that level

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