Gun Strike Zombies – Stop the zombie invasion

[Game] Gun Strike Zombies

Gun Strike Zombies One day, there was a huge meteor carrying unknown viruses falling onto our earth.

More and more people were infected and turned into zombies. You must stop the zombie invasion and survive in this difficult/rough world…

Q version
Continue the Q version and funny style from the previous Gun Strike Series, suitable for both adults and children.

Easy/simple control
Touch to shoot, slide to slash, game goes on even if you attack randomly.

Variety types of Zombies
Running, Jumping, Throwing…etc variety types of zombies with different type of attacking strategy, players must understand the weaknesses of each zombie in order to kill them for efficiently.

Special Weapons Effect
Variety of weapons available for players with special gun effects such as burning, freezing, lightning, attracting zombies to stop actions by feeding them…etc. Weapons capable of upgrading to increase the fighting abilities largely.

Supporting items
Variety of items available for purchase and helps with completing stages and missions. Items includes those that improves buff ability, various types of grenades and skills (have CD time).

Exclusive suits available for players sign in daily
Sign in everyday to get rewards and enter into draw weekly to win a powerful exclusive suits that is only available as rewards and not purchasable.



Gun Strike Zombies user reviews :

Used to play the older version (without the zombies). A few minor changes. Still so entertaining

Fun and addicting game. Great when killing time or just bored.

Fun way to past the time. Also makes a great way to train hand and eye coordination.

Great game,easy to play,passes time between meetings!

I love the game so far I will give further grading when I experiment more

The was amazing that I was an expert t it told ya I was good at it

It’s a good game I just started playing and I am enjoying it a whole lot please keep up the good work.

It’s been good so far… Just like most game. It asked for review little too soon. I feel like if you want an honest review of your game, ask me again after I’ve had a few days to play it…

Time killer would like something for headshots other than that great job

Played gun strike 2. Saw this and it is easy and addicting. Love the graphics. Good job developers

There should have been blood in the graphics while slashing or shooting those zombies

  • The blood effect will upgrade the age rating.

Keeps my brain awake! Unfortunately, the game has stopped acknowledging the achievement of certain goals, such as watermelons and bombs being struck.

Awesome game. All of the gun strike games are great. Very easy to play and addictive. Please make more!!!!

Liked this game very much,, could be better if were to have more missions..

Easy and very time killing same thing with gun strike 2 but with zombies

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