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[Game] Unpuzzle – Tap Away Blocks

UnpuzzleUnpuzzle: The Ultimate Block Puzzle Game!

Embark on a stress-relieving journey with “Unpuzzle: Tap Away Blocks,” a creation from Hypercell Games. Every tap and move matters in this satisfying experience, where strategy and precision lead to victory. Navigate through intricate levels to clear your path and progress.

How to Play:

Tap on Blocks: Only tap on blocks that can move away in the direction indicated by the arrows. This simple tap tap action forms the core of our block puzzle gameplay.

Block Rotator: Tap on the rotator to change the position of groups of blocks, adding a layer of complexity.

Boosters: Use bombs and hammers to remove blocks and help solve the challenge. These tools can be crucial to solving super-hard levels.

Careful Tapping: Every move is crucial as you are limited by the number of taps, making this a true test of your problem-solving skills.

Main Features:

Level Race: Beat levels before other players and earn rewards. Compete with others and showcase your prowess.

3D Daily Challenges: Engage in 3D gameplay where you clear cubes to create stunning voxel figures, elevating the classic tap away experience.

Figure Rotation: Rotate the figure to find the optimal tap for solving the challenge. This rotating mechanic adds a unique twist to traditional block games.

Offline Play: Enjoy this tap game anywhere, anytime without an internet connection.

Customization: A vast array of block skins allows you to personalize your experience, making each tap it moment uniquely yours.

Infinite Gameplay: With over 10,000 unique levels, the satisfaction of solving challenges never ends in this sliding block adventure.

Why Choose Unpuzzle?

Ultimate Stress Relief: Relieve your stress with each satisfying level. Feel the tension melt away as you clear blocks, engage in the challenge, and unwind with every successful move.

Brain Training Mastery: Each level is designed to train your brain, enhancing both left-brain functions and strategic thinking. Unpuzzle games like ours are more than just fun; they are a mental workout, perfect for adults and kids alike.

Inclusive and Engaging: “Unpuzzle” is family-friendly and suitable for all ages. It’s ideal for anyone looking to improve their brain training skills in an engaging environment.

Ready to take action? Download “Unpuzzle: Tap Away Blocks” now and start mastering the art of the challenge. Tap, rotate, clear blocks, and solve levels, face daily “Unpuzzle 3D” challenges, and become a legend!

Explore the popular block puzzle game – “Unpuzzle,” where each tap brings you closer to mastering this engaging, brain-teasing experience. Perfect for fans of logic puzzles, cube games, and those who love to keep things organized. Whether you’re playing to boost your IQ or seeking anxiety relief, “Unpuzzle” offers a satisfying journey. Remember classics like “Unblock Me” and “Brain It On”? You’ll find a new favorite here. Dive into the world of IQ and organization games with Unpuzzle, one of the best free options available!

Connect with Us:
Website: hypercell.games/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/hypercell.team/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/unpuzzle.game/

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Unpuzzle user reviews :

Boards are challenging. My favorite part of the game “daily challenges”. You can only go back 2 months. Why not be able to go back a year or longer. Once you’ve done your 2 months worth, you can’t reset them. Why is that? IMO this game isn’t worth 12.99 just to remove ads. Because they’re not all removed. Ads for 5 extra moves, 3 Extra picks in the “chest room”, & older challenge levels. If they lowered the price a bit, & gave us access to ALL previous challenge levels, I would give it 5 stars

  • Bryan, thank you for your feedback! We’re glad you enjoy the daily challenges. We’ll consider your suggestions, including extending the time frame for accessing previous challenges and reviewing the ad removal feature to ensure it’s more effective. We’re constantly working to improve our game, and your input is valuable!

If you love ads, this is the app for you! Ads range from 30 to 60 seconds about every minute or so. Wanna download a game that you can’t play because of the ads? This one’s the one. Hate games and wanna waste space on your device just to watch ads? This one is perfect! I understand there needs to be ads for the game to be free, but I couldn’t beat but two or three levels before there was another ad. I played seven levels and I had at least as many ads as times I’ve said “ads” in this review.

  • Juanita, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by the frequency of ads. Your feedback is important, and we’re constantly working to find the right balance between ad content and gameplay experience. We’ll review our ad placement and frequency to ensure a more enjoyable experience for our players. Have a great day!

This was a fun game. Since I came back it seems like the levels don’t get any harder. There is an intrusive pop-up to enter a race. Watch the opponents names, apparently it’s just bots as the same few names pop up regularly. When I get to choose bonus boxes, I choose the exact same three each time. I have never won the top prize. Also, it is now overrun with ads. Developers need to get paid, however don’t force ads, Cat Snack Bar is a perfect example of how to get players to CHOOSE ads.

  • Hi! We appreciate that you are sharing your experience in the game with us. We will make sure to take your feedback into consideration while arranging new updates in the future. Have a great day!

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