Uproot – Help Ygg reclaim his special purple leaf

[Game] Uproot

UprootThe life of a young mandrake is about to take an unexpected turn when he naively leaves the safety of his village.

He is not aware of the dangers of the world, however, with great curiosity and an even bigger heart, he can surely surpass everything that gets in his way.

During his trial, Ygg encounters friendly mandrakes, sly rats, wise lizards and a space squid, but not everybody is to be trusted. His journey takes him far from the safety of his forest town, into the unforgiving wilds.

Help Ygg reclaim his special purple leaf stolen by the Rat King.

Key features:
Story-driven point-and-click puzzle and adventure game
Unique world, inhabited by magical creatures
Hand-drawn graphics and characters
A journal to track your journey
Hint system that is progress aware
Atmospheric soundtrack and voiceover dialogues

Once you download the app, you will get the light version, which consists of the game’s first chapter. There are more 3 chapters, which are part of the full version of the game.

Uproot user reviews :

Very… Meh experience, though I didn’t buy the full ver so this is just about the beginning. The controls were so unfriendly it was infuriating at times, and some puzzles were all but idiotic to figure out and required a walk through because the hints were pretty useless. However, I do enjoy the art and characters. The voices… Not as much, but I can appreciate all the effort put into this game.

The voices are all AI so everyone sounds kind of weird. Gameplay is simple point-and-click while some puzzles use drag 1+& drop Edit: I bought the full version to see how it ended. Maybe a little pricy for a game like this, though. The ending didn’t seem to make much sense, either. Overall it’s an alright game with puzzles that aren’t too difficult to figure out. Voices could be improved as well. I’d also suggest adding demo to the title haha

I’m enjoying it so far. But I think I’ve of the puzzles is broken?? That part where you are breaking into the warehouse there is a puzzle outside, and when I looked at the hints, the hint showed the solution and two of the gears were switched. The gears were in different places than was shown in the solution. And it would have made the puzzle possible. If this could be fixed that would be awesome Edit: Thank you for the response. I wrote this before I realized you could even move the gears.

  • Thank you for your feedback. We suggest swapping or dragging between gears and then pressing on each one to rotate for solving the puzzle.

Basically my only gripe with this game is that this is the ‘light’ version. I wish that the game’s description was more upfront about it. Full game is $3.99. Other than that it is very charming. I really adore this point and click. The voice acting is satisfying, the animations are smooth, the cutscenes are immersive, the game play makes me feel like I’m in a storybook. It’s also playable offline. You can really tell they put a lot of love into this game. I will probably buy the full game soon.

  • Thank you for your detailed feedback! We’ve just updated the game’s description accordingly.

Creative, a nice aesthetic. I especially liked the flower arrangement solution. While there’s a guide throughout, there are plenty of puzzles that take a lot of thought. Feedback: 1) ending was a little brief, and 2) animations (e.g. for climbing ladders, stairs, etc.) took a long time and should’ve just faded to the next scene more quickly.

What could have been a really nice little game made near unplayable by the complete lack of any indication of what you can interact with or instructions for any puzzles. On top of that, the “hints” are straight up solutions to puzzles. Good for figuring out that this one stone is interactable but spoils everything else. On top of that the robot voice acting is really grating and dialogue is stilted. Cute art, story is not bad but unfortunately ends up being a slog. I hope for fixes in the future

It’s good. You point, the guy goes there. You click, the guy does it. If you enjoy the free level, then the rest is worth the money. The quests compliment each other well and the varied puzzles are intuitive enough to figure out – I would never have solved two without hints tho. The animations, like climbing, are a pain if you have to repeat them a few times – cute but slow. There’s a story if you want one, everyone who speaks has a voice and the music was nice. Would recommend.

  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We appreciate it!

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