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[App] V2Art – Video Effects & Filters


Try 90+ camera video effects and filters

“Video to Art” editor will change your standard movies and photos to art! Choose from many available filters.

Video FX editor with special effects for videos

Our video editor is very simple to use, just apply a real-time filter and watch the result. Then save and publish it. No watermark!

In the new version of the app you can edit your pictures the same way as videos. Just choose your pic and apply photo filters.

Shoot colorful videos and play with colors! Apply the popular glitch art effect of chromatic filters.

1. You can use a large number of lenses like toonify, fire, instagram filters, 1977, RISE, HUDSON and more!
2. Many retro old camera effects like film scratch, vintage movie, polaroid or black and white fx and more! Thanks to this the result will look like hipster VHS tape.
3. Edit settings of your chosen effect. Slide bar to adjust the result in our advanced camcorder.
4. Use a front or back camera, use videos from gallery/camera and convert them.
5. You can easily play or delete all recorded videos.
6. Now you can edit your pictures the same way you can edit your pictures. Just choose an image and select presets you like.
7. It is free, but some filters are premium!

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V2Art user reviews :

Great and creative effects that even can be tweaked individually. Easy to use.

The developers of this app are useless. After releasing a small app, such apps do not think about new features for the users and do not even respond to the feedback. Google Play authorities should act on such apps immediately. This is an useful and important.There is a problem with the music feature in this app. When I choose music with video, then there is no problem. But when I save and export it, the music is not saved with the video. Please fix the problem of music system.

Awesome app. if you are using anything else your videos must be low grade cuz V2Art is High Grade times 10. V2Art Rocks!!

Ive tried a lot of vid effects apps and this is the only one I like. The price is fair and the effects are great. I wish there were more though, I hope they update with more effects, or even an option to pay for more would be fine. Oh here’s what I want, for another version maybe!? I really wish I could animate the variables so the effects could change with time. Develope it and take my money!

Very nice app. You can add a lot of creative and colorful effects to videos. The free version seems good enough for me at this time, but the pay version isn’t that expensive really. No watermarks, no annoying ads, very nice. So many apps like these today are demos with high price tags for the perks. Not here. A definite keeper. And very intuitive. I love intuitive…

Plus side, this app will live on my SD card; rare for video editing programs. Available FX on the free version are pretty decent. Downside, all it really does is add an effect. If you bring in a 5 minute clip, you get that effect over the entire clip. No trimming or cropping available. That needs to be done in a different app. So, trim/crop in another app, render, open it in this app, add effect, render, open in another app to add to video project. That’s a lot of steps, and a slight nuisance.

I love all the filters, but after rendering the video, the video is pixelated and poor quality. The effects look nothing like they do during the editing process. Is there a setting I need to change to make the quality better on the rendered videos? Or maybe the input video needs to be a certain size or quality?

I love your app but yesterday a problem arose where it appeared to process the video just fine but when it came time to save it, “An error has occurred.” What I discovered after a little experimentation, was that files that were already processed by V2art would save just fine, but other video files that hadn’t still weren’t able to be saved. (So a temporary solution is to Bluetooth the video to my old phone and process it through the version of the app on that one, and then bluetooth it back)

Was looking for an app that had various filters to add to videos I make ~ This one was at the top of the list and not knowing anything about I went ahead and downloaded to test it out ~ I’m really glad I did! ~ I was very surprised to see so many different filter effects, free to use and not having to purchase any kind of premium package to get the cool ones! ~ This is definitely a great app if you want to add effects and you have a big library to choose from ~ I highly recommend!

By far the best free video-editing app out there! Features I love: – add an audio track to a video WHILE processing filters. – tons of creative filters – easy and intuitive Features I would PAY for: – The ability to apply & crop MULTIPLE filters on one video; if I want to put 2 effects in 2 different timeframes, I have to process over and over. If I could apply multiple, croppable filters to my videos, I would buy in a second! Please let me know if the pro version has this feature and I would buy it in a second!

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