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VCUT Pro  Slideshow maker video editor with songs is a stable online video editing app for you. After updating to vip account, you can use all the features. With this powerful video editor, you can easily record your life moments in a video or slideshow with awesome effects.

This movie maker, slideshow maker let you create stylish videos and vlog at ease. VCUT video editor with songs is useful for both professional photographers and non-professional beginners. We also provide subtitles, effects, filters, themes, stickers, transitions.

Main Features of Video Editor

1. Material Center
Special video filters: offer various filters to make original video and slideshow.
Popular music: choose trendy music to make unique video.
Various after effects: you can easily edit your spark video, vlog or slideshow with transition, effects, music and images from your gallery.
Text on video editor: write on video and edit font, color. Add subtitle to video easily in slideshow with music.

2. Easy steps to make stylish video
Choose photos or images from album to make video and slideshow. Add your favorite music, use special transitions, add text, edit video with filters.

3. Share your work on social network
Slideshow maker video editor with music is a smooth and flexible film studio for you to shoot movies, edit videos and make final cut. In this movie maker app, handycam, creating a video with photos, music, and clips is easy and fun.

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VCUT Pro user reviews :

This app has what other apps lack. I particularly love the fact that the duration can go beyond 10seconds when making a slideshow instead of adding photos over and over again. Also it allows one to use any music of one’s choice instead of getting the annoying “does not support this musiv format” message. I am so pleased. Will continue to use it as long you guys don’t screw it up. Great job guys.

Great app! Simple to use and allows me to get school projects done! Though, when I use headphones and trying to do a voiceover, the original sound of the video stops. I understand why it needs to stop when you do a voiceover without headphones, but I would prefer if it were to continue playing as I speak with headphones on just so I can properly time my entrance and exits when I make a speech/sing.

I’ve used the app before when it was free and it was honestly a five star smooth experience. This time around I upgraded to pro and paid the fee. Unfortunately my videos are not being saved at all, they go onto the draft folder in the app and when I try to export them, it loads and then glitches. There is no ‘contact us’ or ‘support’ button and I have no idea how to retrieve my creations or ask for refund
  • VideoShow EnjoyMobi Video Editor & Video Maker Inc
  • I ’m very sorry to bring you a bad experience. Please try to see if all videos ca n’t be exported. If you are adding music to the video you are making, you can try to remove the music and export it. If all your videos are Unable to export, please contact us and we will fix it for you again.

Its a cool app, but when I use my front facing camera to record a video, it changes the orientation of the video. The video switches and my left hand side becomes my right hand side and it makes me look weird, tried to reverse that effect, didnt find an option for that. Please include that and this app is a six-star app. Lovely!

Wow!! It blew me away… I never knew I could do lovely videos that thrills even me!! The flexibility and the creativity it presents is very easy to use. A supportive and professional support the app presents make it a great referral for me anyday and anytime. I still believe you can do more by making it possible to undulate the background music and the video music per a period of seconds.. I hope the developers can understand what I am trying to say. Lastly, I must say it’s a great app and I am looking forward to the update!!

just stared using it, so far it’s decent, wish clip edit allowed u to listen to the music track, maybe it does but ì can’t figure it out. I have to go back each time and listen in the previous window. I’m trying to make a music video and lining up the track is important, also there’s a split second between clip until you render the video, so then the timing is off again as soon as I save it as a video file… not bad for free and maybe I’ll figure out how to fix these issu3s

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