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Valiant Force 2Set a decade after the events of Valiant Force, we return to the realm of Arathos as it is once again thrown into chaos.

The disappearance of the Crystal of Arathos and its guardian, Leon Daracan, has exposed the land to dangers from beyond its shores. The people of the realm find themselves increasingly polarised; some hold on to their faith in the Hero of Arathos, while others condemn him for his apparent betrayal.

Enter Elise Arkwright, a fiercely idealistic knight ready for duty. Together with her friends, Felix Vulcan and Maeve Astraea, Elise will confront all manner of peril in a bid to bring peace and stability back to the realm.

Their duty to the realm will lead them to question everything they once believed in – the Crown, their bonds, even the very nature of truth.

A free-to-play online Strategy RPG, Valiant Force 2 is a hotly anticipated sequel that’s sure to bring both loyal and new fans back to the world of Arathos. Face off against demons, rebel knights, and fearsome beasts using familiar mechanics with some new tactical twists.

Dominate the battlefield and outsmart your opponents with the classic turn-based battle system. Grow your skill set and power level with the Hero Job System and customize your Heroes to suit your playstyle with a wide range of equipment and runes!

The Aura Trigger system that has defined Valiant Force’s unique combat returns—this time, on a much larger battlefield! Mastering new combat features like Elemental dynamics and Auron Cards will be key to turning battles in your favour!

Take to the skies in a brand new PVP mode and engage in exciting dogfights where you attempt to destroy your opponent’s Zephyrite-powered airship before they do yours!

Summon familiar faces like the stalwart Valiants and diabolical Dark Lords—and new heroes including the seafaring Stormborn League and the calculative Sons of Midas—to join you on your epic adventure!

Explore Arathos beyond the events of the main campaign and delve into new stories and quests that will be released on a regular basis, featuring heroes new and old. The boldest adventurers earn the most exclusive rewards!

Return to a familiar world and once again enjoy the masterwork of Mr. Hitoshi Sakimoto, renowned Japanese video game composer best known for scoring Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII.

If you encounter any issues, be sure to send us feedback via the in-game Customer Service chat or through any of these channels:

Customer Service Email: contact_vf2[at]
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Valiant Force 2 user reviews :

It’s a beautiful game full of fantastic 2D and 3D art assets. And it still doesn’t matter. Unless you’re a genre veteran of turn-based strategy, this game is simply too complicated. Piloting five characters with their own special effects that are connected to others through a linking system is a lot. When you turn on auto battle, the game effectively disappears—like some kind of chore. Auto battle has always been something of a red flag in mobile games. Why skip the game? It’s just not for me.

  • Hello, Austin! Thank you for sending us your thoughts about the game. We’ll strive to make our game better. Rest assured that we are constantly improving the game to give the best possible gaming experience. You can also follow our Facebook to get the latest news and updates about the game:

Great turn-based rpg, still some bugs to sort out but overall very fun experience, awesome graphics and so much content. Me and my friends played the first one, and were super excited for the second and it has not disappointed. The developers are actually listening to the users and improving it with every update. Really glad to be playing this again!

Pros – Game is pretty fun, gives a new spin to turn based grid combat. Seems decently free to play so far and has great art and music (but art is flipped from another game of the same company). Animations are cool, and script is well written. Cons – Prices of items are super high in my region, nothing seems worth it’s value. Games has performance issues on my device and some interfaces just take too long to go throught, and sometimes the game crashes after skill animations. Story is very cliche

The game is done really well. There’s a lot of detail with character customization, and I love the job system. Totally worth 5 starts except for the fact that things disappear from the screen and the game freezes during random battles. It wouldn’t be so bad, but it happens quite regularly. No other issues, though. Phenomenal game beyond that.

The game will still randomly freeze my phone after activating attacks w/cutscenes, but if I skip the video, it usually doesn’t crash. However, overall this game is fun to play and rich in content and activities. Wish it had an idle mode, though… This is not my typical game type, but I can clearly see very much effort has been put into it. Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Derek, thanks for your comment and sorry for the inconvience. We are fully aware of this issue and trying fix it to bring a better game experienve. You can contact us through our in-game customer service or Facebook Fanpage. Please feel free to follow our Facebook:

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