Vent – Express your true self

[App] Vent – Express yourself freely

VentVent is like a social diary, a place for you to express how you REALLY feel.

Vent helps you connect to a fun, uplifting, positive, and understanding community, making it easy to share your feelings with people around the world and lift your mood!

On Vent, you’re never alone. Our whole community is just waiting to hear what you have to say. Join now and discover how much you have in common with… well, everybody!

Express your true self with our broad range of emotions and colors!
React to other people’s vents using our special response buttons
Our community understands what you’re going through and will provide support 24/7
Make friends and chat privately in real-time without sharing personal contact information
Join Groups to connect with other people that share similar interests and experiences

What are you waiting for? Express yourself with Vent now and feel better for it!

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Vent user reviews :

I’ve used this app from time to time and I find it very helpful for releasing pent up emotions, supporting others and just being able to speak to people without the pressure of people from my life judging me. I love the easy to use layout. I think extra features like stress relief exercises could be a fun feature to possibly add, as I see a lot of people who struggle with their mental health seeking support on Vent.

It’s a tool easily accessible when you want to drought down your feeling. I love that. I not much of a writer. I’ve tried to journal but never seems to be convenient. I am trying to stop drinking alcohol and this is a very helpful application. If I get triggered emotionally, I can get into vent and drought down how I feel. This releases any anxiety fear or sad emotions. I can release and go on with my day. I find this extremely important and helpful for my recovery. I will recommend.

My review was better until they started messing with features for no reason and making the UI suck. One step better in one update and then two steps worse in the next. It wouldn’t even be that bad if they would actually listen to users instead of sticking their fingers in their ears and screaming.

This app is the most outstanding app ever for peer to peer support and helping those who struggle with various challenges in life. It is a wonderful platform to connect with compassionate and empathetic people who can offer valuable insights and advice. I have benefited immensely from using this app and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a safe and supportive space to share their feelings and experiences. Download it ASAP!!!! Amazing job to the creators! GOD Bless you all

its a pretty alright app. i used it before once 2-3 years ago and it was because i was in a really dark spot in my life. I always come back to this app to vent out whatever is on my mind and to just let it go, and its a pretty good app for it thanks to supportive people on it. although the app has changed significantly, it still feels pretty buggy like previous times of using the app.

Been using this app since it was in beta. I gotta say, I much preferred the old design + I think the system of picking an emotion you felt was far better and easier to connect with rather than the cast array now. Rather than going through pages of emotions, I feel like I’m scrolling through an emoji library that have names next to each character. I’d really appreciate if you guys brought in a skin option where you could select the Original design.

Wonderful Community & Great UI! It’s easy to use and allows you to filter content out and interact with lots of like minded people.

Great app, I’ve loved it for years and recently it’s been hauled and updated. Update has been great and highly beneficial – I’m loving the change. So excited for what’s to come. 7/28 edit – The updates have been great, and it’s only been a few months!! Everything has been very exciting and the staff have been working closely with users. So happy over it! Only way to go is up.

This is a great app. Works perfectly for me. I’m using it to chat with people all over the world. There are many groups you can join (your choice), or you can create your own. Direct messages are available too. Sometimes, the touch-response time takes seconds. But nothing you can’t ignore. If you just remember to go out and spread the love in the real world as well, then this app is for you. I’d like to give credit to the developers and the people who came up with this. Great job!

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