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VintedJoin Vinted, your community marketplace for buying and selling pre-loved pieces.

Need a clearout? Get extra money in your pocket while you do it. Sell without fees and browse quality items from vintage clothing to second-hand homeware, from pet accessories to kids’ toys, to great-value books, and more.

Selling is simple
Take photos of your item, describe it, and set your price. You’ll get notifications about favorites or purchases, and all the info you need in one place.
There are 0% selling fees on Vinted, so everything you earn in our marketplace is yours to keep.
Declutter and earn extra cash. Sell second hand clothes you don’t need to someone who’ll love them.
Shipping made easy. Download pre-paid shipping labels and track packages all within the Vinted app.
Sell securely. Our integrated payment system means you can send your funds straight to your bank after selling.

Shop smarter
Discover something on the Vinted marketplace that suits your style no matter who you are. Shop for your favorite brands at great-value prices.
Rare finds make a great closet. Uncover unique, quality items – including one-off deals and sold-out gems.
Delve into a range of categories, follow and chat with members who inspire you, and customize your feed to find the items and clothing you love.
You’re in safe hands. Our Buyer Protection, including our refund policy, helps keep your money safe if something goes wrong. Purchase securely with payment methods such as Google Pay, your Vinted Wallet, and credit or debit card.
Enjoy the convenience of having items shipped directly to your door.

Join a global fashion movement
Become part of a diverse community of over 75 million members worldwide who share a passion for second-hand style and thrift fashion. Chat with buyers or sellers directly, and ask your questions all in one place. Explore closets and trade easily with members across the country.

Ready to join the conversation?
Download the second-hand fashion app.
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Vinted user reviews :

Would be helpful if more filters would be added. Like select what country you want to buy from, so you won’t get all of them, just your country. Also a more accurate result for specific word searches. And a “sort by” option… relevance, price, etc

Overall, the app is good, and selling is simple and easy. Money transfer is good. What is so poor is customsler service, being unable to contact them, and 6 million articles you need to read before you can actually speak to someone. Lost parcels by the courier you are unable to report it or do anything about it. Constantly deleting the listed items when you find similar or the same items being advertised for sale by other users. You have no way of even questioning customer service.

One feature I particularly like that Vinted has is the digital label feature. No messing about, queuing in the post office! Don’t have to pay for postage with most items. Drop off at a locker in town ( of which there are several locations). Much easier selling platform than eBay. I am decluttering and it’s great for that. I do give items to charity shops, but sometimes you may have spent a lot of money originally on something and would like a little back. Definitely recommend!

Generally no issues when selling items. All experiences have been good. My only issue has just come to light however when a buyer found a fault with an item ( I hadn’t seen it). There needs to be more options to resolve the issue. For example it would be good to be able to offer a discount to the buyer which would avoid the item having to be returned. Atm my only options are to give a really good jacket with a very minor fault to the buyer and receive no payment at all or to request a return.

The idea of this app is really great. I sold a few items and bought loads more. There is fundamentally an issue with this app turning from English to French, but most of the times if you hard close and reopen than English returns. What really bugs me is the fact that some sellers are a nightmare: shady images, no response or very delayed deliveries. Vinted should offer a faster selling option with sellers. I had various occasions where the item was delivered in 20 day after ordered..

A substantially cheaper alternative to eBay. Easy to buy from and browse too. The selling experience is the only slight letdown. I just feel like having everything in the messages makes things hard work. I’m constantly loosing buyers when things get busy. It got to the point where I had to request people stop sending offers or I just can’t keep up with it all.

Love the app! An absolute game changer for me – loads of bargains and good for making extra money from time to time. If something could improve, it would definitely be the inbox. Sometimes, it can get messy when buying, selling, asking about an item, etc. It’s all under one roof, and it would make it easier to navigate if it was somehow separated.

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