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Visit A CityVisit A City – The ultimate travel app for planning your city sightseeing trip:

Create a customized itinerary and book your tours and activities with just a few taps.
Discover the must-see landmarks, historical sites, and hidden gems of your destination with our comprehensive guide.
Browse through a wide range of tours and activities, from guided walking tours to day trips and more.
With detailed information and reviews, you can easily find the best experiences to suit your interests.

No need for multiple apps, Visit A City has everything you need to make the most of your trip. Download now and start exploring!”

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Visit A City user reviews :

Useful app for many important cities around the world. But it has, however, too few cities. Take, for example, Turkey: there is a guide only for Istanbul, but none for other major cities in this big touristic country. Only a list of paid activities in those cities, but no attraction list at least. There is a lot of effort to create a guide, I know, so keep up the good work!

It used to be an ok app. Now, after the updates, I can’t even open my travel plans, it keeps crashing. This really sucks. Later edit, December 2019: I just updated the app and was hoping it will actually work. I’m disappointed. Again. This app is just terrible, it’s slow, it keeps freezing and old features are no longer available. Where is your product manager and why isn’t he doing his job?! Do some user testing before you release this junk!

  • Hi, please contact team[at], our support staff will help you resolve the issue.

stunning! you can plan your visit in 5 minutes. select places what you are interested in, add them to your wishlist, create a plan and you have everything planned in 5 min. really intuitive. well done!

On the surface this app looks great. I planned my itineraries, but didn’t book anything with the app. However, once I got to my destination I found out almost all the information was wrong. It couldn’t pinpoint my location (I have an international plan) and instead of informing me of that, it would just show me in a wrong location. I couldn’t adjust it either. Then every single one of the times to get from place to place was wrong. This app ended up being a huge disappointment.

So it’s okay. It helps that it shows you where you are going in a nap view and you can search for things to add to the itinerary. You can reorder things relatively easy. I like that I can see about how long it takes to go to each place. However, when you add to the itinerary there is no way to change where they put it until it’s added so you keep having to rearrange stuff and when you share it, it only shows 1 day at a time. It’s also irritating that you can only out in the amount of time at a place but not the time you’ll be there. It just auto times it based off of when you start. Overall, is okay for now but I’m trying to find something better.

Excellent app! And it’s free! Wish I’d discovered it earlier! it gives you itineraries for the number of days you want to visit but you have the option to change it or add to it as you wish. Gives you opening times and suggests duration of visits with option to add breaks. You can also have a whole trip review on the map of the city. It can be offline as well. Brilliant!

I’ve really enjoyed using this! It’s great for planning tours and excursions when the choices become overwhelming. I’ve used it for San Diego and San Francisco, and now using it for our upcoming Hawaii trip. Some functionality could be improved on, like setting times for activities, because I use it as a guide and not as a strict itinerary. Overall, great site and app.

The concept behind the app is great and provides a lot of info on the attractions and activities. But it is not a share-friendly tool. Even between two users of the app, there’s no good way to share. One generates a link and can send, but the other person can’t use the link to simply add the plan. It just doesn’t seem to work. Perhaps should consider adding a collaboration function similar to TripAdvisor. The App does also seem to hang quite a bit. Pity!

Perfect for trip planning. Start an itinerary and customize from multiple sights and activities recommended. Once itinerary is started, items are added to a select day of your trip, with a duration at site, and an idea of transportation between sites included. From there you can customize all information and organize in any order you’d like. There’s even a map and list view. This app is free, easy to use, and highly recommended for any planners!!

Really enjoy using this app. Very customizable but pretty good with the sights already listed. Used for several trips but last trip to Zurich had a problem with accuracy of the info. There were several museums listed that were closed or relocated. Itinerary had us going to a museum in the morning when it didn’t even open till 2pm. To top it off, that one was closed. From now on we will check the actual website prior to leaving for our trips.

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