Voidpet Garden – Nurture your oasis through mindfulness and self care

[App] Voidpet Garden – Mental Health

Voidpet GardenDescend into the void, and befriend mysterious creatures that spawn from your emotions.
Nurture your oasis through mindfulness and self care.
Collect all of the rare species that visit your garden of consciousness!

Our mental health relies on our understanding of the self just as much as it depends on our understanding of the people around us.
Learning how to communicate our care to others, and to appreciate the care that they are trying to show us, is an ongoing process in our wellness journey.

To befriend new pets, you must communicate with them in their preferred love language and earn their affection.

Quality Time pets appreciate being present with those they care about. They will want to spend time with you, and encourage you to take breaks, exercise, and more.
Words of Affirmation pets place a lot of value on making the effort to communicate things verbally. They will confide in you about how they are feeling, and prompt you to respond with kindness.
Gift giving pets feel most cherished when you consider them enough to share something they’ll like. To befriend a gift lover, you’ll have to collect the right kinds of treats to surprise them with.
Acts of service pets place a lot of value on actions that speak louder than words. If you can spare a second to make their lives easier, they’ll happily come back to your garden.
Some pets just love a good cuddle. You’ll be able to earn their trust with relaxing haptics and ASMR.

Voidpet’s approach to mental wellbeing is to provide a space for you to reflect in soft fascination.

To grow your garden, check on your plants every day and discover mindfulness exercises that nourish your soul.

Choose from a selection of journaling prompts such as:

Think positive: Inspired by cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, which involves identifying our cognitive biases in order to deconstruct unhelpful thoughts, this activity is about examining our negative thought patterns and learning to reframe them positively.

Practice Gratitude: This exercise is about setting aside time to think happy thoughts and appreciate the good around us. Gratitude helps us feel warmly towards others, which, in turn, improves our relationships and overall mood.

Goal setting: Writing down your goals is a great way to be honest with yourself and validate and your desires. To confess that you want change is the first step to making it happen. Classifying your goals is also helpful, because it helps you visualize the level of effort required to make your ambitions come true. As you think about the timeframe, relevance, and other specifics of your goal, you also start to manifest how to go about achieving them.

Emotional naming: Naming emotions is a simple but liberating exercise. By describing how we feel in words, we turn sensations into data, and position ourselves to respond constructively. They say, “If you can name it, you can tame it!” Our conscious minds can offload a lot of stress from our physical response.

Meditation: A simple timer with a relaxing, guided prompt. Setting aside a few seconds to breathe and reflect can be a wonderful way to start your day, or take a pause in the middle of a busy schedule.

Mood tracking: better understand your emotions over time and gain insights into your inner world.

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Voidpet Garden user reviews :

Has a lot of potential. I am really enjoying this game. I want to play more, but you soon exauhst any variation. Aside from the pets that show up, everything is repetitive. I would like to see some different meditations, more emotions to choose from when you describe how you feel, more decorations, varied self care activities, more dialogue when comforting pets, something engaging to do after you complete all your activities, and some new ways to interact overall. Keep up the amazing work!

I personally enjoy the game, even if it sometimes feels like sitting around its one if the best mental health apps I’ve gotten in a while! But, someone, ANYONE, move the set free and summon buttons away from eachother, or at least for the set free do a double check with the player? I’ve accidentally released so many pets by a simple misclick, but besides that, I do enjoy it, and I do think its interesting!

Nice easy to use and it has successfully stopped me wasting as much time on my phone. Think there’s a lot of room for growth and a bit more actual wellbeing stuff in there. Maybe the ability to set routines, or some more journalling options? And when you track your mood perhaps some slightly more tailored responses to it? There’s great potential in this app but definitely room for more.

I enjoyed my experience using the app. The questions asked encourage introspection and healthy positivity. Chatting with the pets feel natural and helps to get your mind off things in the moment. There’s no ads which is a plus. Hope that there would be more ways to interact with the pets in the future as well as more varying types of questions and topics. Could also have suggestions/tasks for the user’s to complete along with their check-ins.

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