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Volleyball ChampionshipVolleyball Championship is one of the most popular 6 on 6 volleyball game on the market.

Volleyball Championship was the official licensed game of the 2017 European Volleyball Championship.
It also features Euro Tournament, Nations Cup and World Cup for both MEN and WOMEN volleyball.
Future updates will provide additional tournaments and leagues!
There is also quick match mode where you can check your skills in single match.

The game introduce innovative ‘drag quality circle’ mechanics that provides fast action and great possibilities to control players on the pitch.
You can choose from over 60 teams, play matches on several different stadiums, gain experience, train your players and claim the Volleyball Championship title!

In VC you can fully manage your rosters of 14 team members. During the game you can make changes, call for timeout, motivate players and many more!
Before matches you can train your players to improve their skills.
To add even more fun we created some funny stadiums and different balls to choose from. Future updates will introduce some additional effects like BIG HEADS and other surprises.

The game has 3 difficulty levels so you can easily adopt it to your skills. It is easy to get into the game and play exciting matches after few minutes training but to achieve a mastership you will need to play a lot and show your best skills!

Main features of the game:
over 60 teams
men and women teams and tournaments
innovative ‘quality circle’ mechanics
lots of different stadiums,
different balls to unlock,
ball’s special effects
team development,
experience system,
couch timeouts
pre match training
quick and combination plays
match statistics
and much more…

Do not hesitate and download the number 1 mobile volleyball game.

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Volleyball Championship user reviews :

(Update) The blocked tournaments really make it more difficult to play and only one is unlocked for free in the entire game, at least there should be one unlocked for each category (men and women) Personally I prefer the one before the updates and many of the bugs still aren’t fixed. Also, it would be great if they could add individual awards like MVP of the tournament best attackers etc. and if we were able to check other teams stats and other matches statistics, multiplayer would also be great

This game was really amazing, However There are limited leagues to compete, I hope you can add more like FIVB And AVC. I’ve noticed also that the countries are not complete I wish you’ll add more on the next update and also the challenge system, its not bad but it’s better if you can Improve the challenge system make it a specific challenge Ex: Net fault. and last I hope that you will add individual awardee and also the results of games of other match that’s all.Thankyou for creating this game

this game is amazing for a volleyball, I mean ive been playing it for almost 2 years. However it is sad to see that it’s obvious this game doesn’t get enough players and needs money. It kinda feels like I get punished for playing with all the price tags that are being slapped onto some of the features to this game like the other tournaments. I’m reducing the stars to 4 until otherwise

It’s a good game I really love it but try to fix the bug because normally when winning the world cup one cup must be unlocked to continue but it’s not the case now. Please fix that bug so that we can continue the other achievements thanks you

Please create the hardiness of the team like impossible to win. Its so basic to win in hard game even though its powerhouse country. But its so good to me i have strategies to win like in serving thats why i always win and please the receiving of the players is weak even though its 5 stars receiving and after the final game show us the total points of the players

Thank you very much for this app. It seems like I’m playing actual volleyball here. I hope you can include in the statistics the excellent sets of the setter, and excellent reception and digs of the libero.

Great game. New update is good.moving L and OH when you’re about to defend the attack is good, but it needs to get better and artificial intelligence needs to grow Another thing is that the teams aren’t updated based on new changes (for instance Kubiak doesn’t play for Poland anymore, Italy has changes and same about Japan, Iran and…) Next, teams’ powers don’t look like their power in reality for example I can beat top 6 powerful volleyball teams even easier than weaker teams (in hard level)

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