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[Game] Badminton Legend

Badminton LegendBadminton is a new released sport game, now you are able to experience the real life badminton on mobile devices!

Badminton is one of the most popular sports game in the world! In Crazy Badminton, compete with badminton players from all over the world! Do a crazy smash to your competitor! Hit your name to the global leader board!

Badminton Game Features:
Completely Free to play
Stunning graphics and real badmintons sound
Coolest character skills
4 major scenes, beautiful visuals
Challenge the badminton master

Badminton could never be cooler like this! Go, achieve your champion dream!

Badminton Legend user reviews :

Very good and fun game! at the same time, smashing tooks so long but I love the gestures, how smooth it is, and how fun this game was! that’s all

It’s offline and the game is my favourite sports irl so i really enjoy it but the problem is the Ai is so strong but over all 4 stars!

Good game but should do some upgrades on it . They should try to make new character’s with new powers . To me all the powers of the characters are same they don’t do much more attack either. Only some do a bit difference but not too much. So please upgrade the game. And try to make it more realistic. It doesn’t look good when the cork bounces off from the Scenery. When it was suppose to be an out. But good game . So please fix these. issues.

its a good game, but the levels are too easy.

Nice game and so fun I rate this game 4 star because so fun and the grapichs is so nice.

So good smooth graphics and its offline

i originally rated this game a 2 saying The ads are maddening. Simply too many too often. Then i figured out not to touch the screen except for where the controls are That seems to trigger the ads. Now it’s much more tolerable.

Small size game but fun is big size

It was so good, and very relaxing game.

This game was amazing but the problem is our opponents having more power than us because of this problem I gave 4 star or else I will give 5 stars this is one of my best game this is very low mb but the graphics was good game controls was also good best game of my game collections

Love the characters with fun smash but funny thing is the shuttle never leave the court no matter how hard to hit. There is like a wall at their back and the shuttle will rebound if you get to hit it. Lol

I played this game thought it would be in a 3-D interface. But you are such a dishonest developer thinking 2D is 3D. Some children and gamers alike were very underwhelmed of the graphics. And I suggest you should make a new IP instead of updating. (At least they don’t experience lag.)(And add newer voice actors for other characters other than the basic first male and female characters)

It is a very nice game but I think there is some bug problem otherwise I loved it . But I have completed all the levels so please add some more levels and please make more games like this.

it’s ok not bad at all it’s only for time passing.i suggest you shoud download this for time passing.but the game is very fun.but there are some issue’s like there are too mane ads and the control is too small i gusse i think they should fix this problems.again i reapet you should try this.

For time pass its a good game. Nothing more. Just the characters n visuals are different. Other than that not much skill level enhancement or creative gamimg hike.

This game is my favourite. I pro this game. Is very beautiful game

This game, is so cool but cool but the only problem is that when I did not press the jump button it jump on itself like it’s so annoying nd when it does on its own I lose.

Can sometimes work as a stress buster to me… I used to play this before as well and wad quite upset with the frequent advertisements they used to display. Now it has gotten better.

Best game but there are ads below the screen near the controlling/playing button so many times I mistakenly press the ads and lead me to a different page in the middle of the game.fixed this plzz.

Because this is so fun and this is my fav sprort

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