Voxel Invaders – Fight again waves of invaders

[Game] Voxel Invaders

Voxel InvadersVoxel Invaders : Fight again waves of invaders in a pure arcade space shooter. A refresh of the old school arcade space shooters, with invaders made of voxels.

Control is ultra simple, just move the spaceship in space with one finger, and auto-fire on the invaders. Collect power-up to obtain new weapons and lives, make your way through asteroid fields and collect power-up that suddenly switches to a 3D space mode.

Features include:

Full free version (with ads)
24 levels containing more than 140 stages
dozens of different alien invaders including big bosses
9 different weapons
various gameplay depending on the levels
3 levels of difficulties
intuitive single-finger control
3D OpenGL based voxel graphics
original vintage sound effects and electro soundtracks

Voxel Invaders user reviews:

Retro Takes me back 30 odd years. Loved it then, love it now. Such a simple game and very addictive. Only down side is, it crashes every few levels. When that’s fixed it will be perfect. Ads don’t bother me as I only get them pop up after I die and press the continue button.

Pretty Good This is a darned good retro looking game. Easy and addictive game play. I sadly won’t be keeping it on my device due to severe lack of onboard RAM but giving it a 5* since it is so cool.

LOVE IT! I can choose the difficulty level, which is great because I get turned off by difficult-only games. Sometimes I want an easier game just for passing time in the checkout lane. Retro graphics that sometimes surprise you. Super easy controls. Lots of different stuff happens as levels progress.

It totally takes me back to Galaga and Space Invaders. I haven’t been able to find anything this close to Galaga. It is so much fun with no problems such as force closing. I really love it. It’s simple but great.

very funny game with easy control and addictive gameplay!

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