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[Game] Guess the Code

Guess the CodeThink you’re smart? Find out how smart you really are! Match wits against your Android device with Guess the Code Free, an outstanding implementation of the classic game Mastermind.

The evil computer mastermind has chosen a secret code. Your objective is to guess the code before you run out of

Guess the Code Free includes three difficulty levels, ensuring everyone can find an appropriate challenge.

Optional “Letter Mode” allows players that have difficulty with colors to use letters instead.

Guess the Code Free includes a host of exciting features, including:

Great graphics and exciting sound effects
Configurable difficulty levels
“Use Letters” mode for colorblind players
Automatic save when you exit the app or receive a phone call

If you love Mastermind, this is the game for you. Download Guess the Code Free and put your mind to work!

Guess the Code Free is supported by unobtrusive banner advertisements.

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Guess the Code user reviews :

Worked OK on my Galaxy S5, but after upgrading to an S9+ the color selection is a bit off on the second row. the color won’t select when I tap on the center of it and sometimes the color above it gets selected instead. Also several ads go flashing by in the middle of gameplay. I don’t mind one or two ads between games, but up to 10 ads go flashing by at once in the middle of a game.

UPDATE: I’m happy, this game was updated and works fine again. Thanks to the developers for your promt fixing. This game is the best in it’s class.

Been playing for years, but recently can’t select certain colors. will delete this app.

fun game, even my 3 year old likes it and my 5 year old has gotten really good at it.

Great puzzle. I enjoy every minute of it. Makes me think.

I like it , it work on deductive thinking.

Game iz amazing!! And mi love dis game!!

i was searching for this mantal game for a month and a half

Running on HTC DHD 1. Slow 2. when you have empty spaces off in settings you can still submit a row with empty pegs 3. I don’t understand why it asks for internet permission in the pro mode

This is a great game, and it doesn’t matter your age. I’m 12 and I thought it was amazing. It doesn’t ask for money (like so many other games) and it doesn’t have a million ads. The only thing I wish is that there was a two player setting, where one person makes a code and another person guesses it, but even without two players, it’s great!

Great way to exercise your brain. I LOVE games that require me to think! I only wish there was a way to correct the mistake of accidentally jumping ahead to the wrong line. You can never go back to the skipped line.

I wish I had the option to make it more challenging. Am using 5 rows allowing multiples and blank spaces and its pretty easy to crack the code in 7 turns, sometimes 8, sometimes 6. Overall game fun, but I’d like it to grow.

I love this game. It starts at any level you want. You can then stay at that level or go to the next level when its not a challenge any more. I love this game. I just have to make myself stop playing so I can get other things done.

There is some fun parts but, it is difficult since you don’t know what colors they are or what order they are in. Overall it’s fun and it makes you think so, it’s all a game that involves the brain especially on the hard level.

I have been playing this game since I was a kid, back before computers were invented, let alone before this app was written. It helps keep my brain firing on all cylinders. I highly recommend it.

Fun way to take a break for a few minutes. Can’t always get the media volume turned down, but overall good game.

Love this game! It’s challenging and makes you work out your brain but you won’t notice that part cause you’ll be having fun!

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