Wacky Battles – Defend your ground against endless waves of monsters

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Wacky BattlesEmbark on an unforgettable journey with our latest mobile RPG: a captivating blend of fantasy, fairy tales, and strategic gameplay.

This midcore, turn-based RPG presents an immersive adventure filled with suspenseful twists and turns within the Enchanted Kingdom, where strategy and fantasy intertwine.
Here’s what this midcore RPG has in store for you:

Collect a wide array of powerful heroes, each with unique abilities and intriguing backstories. Assemble these strategic units into your dream guild, teeming with fantasy figures from beloved fairy tales.

Experience strategic, epic battles that define the essence of a true midcore RPG. Harness your guild’s special attacks and new weapons to triumph in the grand clashes this RPG world offers.

Defend your ground against endless waves of monsters. This midcore, turn-based RPG adds a new twist with every battle – are you ready to rise as the ultimate survivor?

Immerse yourself in a rich narrative that unfolds with every step, or sit back and watch the action unfold in autoplay mode.

Amplify your heroes’ abilities through a robust crafting and upgrading system, immersing you even deeper into the RPG elements.

Enjoy a variety of RPG-themed mini-games that not only diversify the gameplay but also offer deeper insights into your heroes’ backstories.

In this enthralling RPG, journey across the mirror kingdom, explore dark dungeons, gather spirit shards to strengthen your heroes, and encounter interesting characters that can help grow your RPG resources.
Welcome to the Enchanted Kingdom, a mobile RPG crafted for those who relish in immersive narratives, fantasy, midcore challenges, and, undoubtedly, RPGs. Your turn-based, fantasy RPG adventure begins now – prepare to dive into a story steeped in fairy tales and fantasy.

Wacky Battles user reviews :

Can’t get past level 25, as soon as I enter the fight, the game starts glitching like crazy, playing the same second or two of animation over and over again super fast until it completely freezes my phone to the point I have to reset my phone by holding the power button down. I can go back and play older levels and event levels just fine. So I guess maybe it has something to do with Maleficent?

  • Hi, sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing some crash issues. Please contact us at public[at]popscreen.io and share as much information as you can. We will definitely investigate your case. Thank you for posting!

It’s like a lot of other games. I’m not a fan of the genre. You just cruise your way through easy battles and then you reach a point where your units are weaker & you must wait for resources in order to power them up. Like right now, my guys are 3 starand level 30 and the enemies are 3 or 4 star and level 50 on the bean stalk area after my first day (I played a lot) I don’t feel like keeping the game for logging in to get resources and move up a few lv, it’s like a chore. I’m just uninstalling.

  • Hello Andy, We are sorry that you do not like the game. You might enjoy better some game modes unlocked a little bit further, like the Castle, or the Rooms of Time, which are more based on player skills. We would be happy if you could consider giving it a try! In any case thank you for your precious feedback that will help us improve the game.

This is just great. Love the little details and the fact it’s its own game and all the little things it adds makes it that. Absolutely love everything from the frogs to the missions where you have to solve the puzzles. Everything plays well, controls are great, graphics are great and I just have nothing to complain about after putting hours into it. All I have to say is great job devs. I look forward to more of your games. 100 percent worth the download paid or not it is enjoyable.

I would love to have a proper game guide in the game. Not just some info on the loading screen. I want to read and study every single buffs and debuffs and how to counter them. And please add a upgrade reset in the game. Very interesting game overall. Edit: I stand corrected, I immediately assumed that 5 (normal) star is the max of all the heroes. Changing my review from 2 star, now to 5. Great game.

  • Thank you for your review. Hero shards can be converted later in the game. A lot of details about the heroes and their skills can be found in hero menus. Heroes can’t be reset, but the game has a lot of modes and events where specific heroes are useful. Feel free to contact us at public@popscreen.io for more details!

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