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[App] Wake Me There – GPS Alarm

Wake Me ThereWith free Wake Me There – GPS alarm app you will never go past your destination or miss your date. This simple free GPS location alarm app for Android will also help you to keep within the mandated distance from home or any other position on the map. Easily set a perimeter.

On Entry alarm for all communters and travellers using public transport like trains, busses, trams etc.. Simply set a distance before your stop at which you want to be woken up.
On Leave alarm allows you to set a perimeter from any position, like your home, and warns you when you reach the boundary.

Or just set a time alarm without GPS to be woken up on time. Calender date / Weekday / Repeat options available.

Save money, save time, save your relationship, be at work on time!

Further alarm setting options:
Map type
Set Sound/Volume
Increasing Volume

Other settings possibilities:
Language, Units, Light/Dark theme, Location update frequency, Default alarm area perimeter etc.

Available for free in 7 different languages incl. English (US/GB), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Czech.

For any remarks or support contact android[at]mapfactor.com.

MapFactor is developing also a free navigation software MapFactor Navigator and professional gps navigation MapFactor Navigator TRUCK PRO for Android.

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Wake Me There user reviews :

Update #2: when it works, it works reasonably well. When it doesn’t, it either turns on when it shouldn’t or doesn’t when it should. Very unreliable. Update: I reinstalled it and CONFIRMED it had all the permissions under the sun, shy of naming my first born. It appears to have worked this time, albeit while I was active on the phone. My guess is the reinstall helped. I’m upgrading the stars to 3 until I confirm that other aspects function (and reliably)…

  • Hi George, you probably need to change your power saving settings. Please reconsider your unfair rating. Help by email please. Please email if you want help, we cannot support you here.

I use this app mainly for proximity alerts (I rely on the system app to time-based alarms). Here’s what I like: 1) Can define multiple alarms and activate them at user’s choice (even more than one at a time); 2) Can set alert to trigger on approach or leave; 3) Tells how far you are from target area; 4) Can use different tones for each alarm; 5) All main features (mentioned above) are free, even though there are ads… but it’s acceptable; 6) Premium version is not so expensive. What I don’t like: 1) GPS access is quite frequent: user should be able to set the polling time (i.e. define number of seconds) in order to save a little battery (of course, it would just be matter of finding the right balance between precision and power consumption). In the past, I used other apps with GPS polling set to 30 or 40 seconds, and never missed my stop! :) 2) Italian translation is quite good but can be improved. How could I help? Guys, this app is well done and has some potential. Keep up the good work!

Needs polishing. Once you pass a place and get an alarm, the alarm turns off. So if you pass the place again without turning the alarm back on, you won’t get notified. Also, in Android 12, the location can only be enabled while the app is running. Which means, if the app is not running, you’re not going to get notified. It does not notify from the background. And lastly, if notifications are turned on, which they have to be, it puts an icon in the status bar, which is annoying.

  • Hi Dan, that is on purpose, users do not want the same alarm again and again. Help by email please.

Vibration loop erroneously when Loop sounds is disabled. Expect an option of vibration only without sound. Notification doesn’t show up for the alarm to see what happened until I manually load this app to remember it’s from this app.

  • Hi Roi, vibration alarm is working when sound is disabled and vibration enabled. Please check your Android settings. Help by email please.

Five stars just for EXISTING! I have a problem remembering to buy stuff from a certain place on my way home. This is quite common in most of the people, to overcome this I had decided to make an app that notifies a user when they pass a location. Today when I shared my idea with my friend, he didn’t like it at all. After a while he sent me this app’s link, my mind was completely blown! I felt a little sad that now I can’t make such an app, but also was very happy to see my idea already existing!

Location Based Alarm Awesome Application. Useful app for frequent travelers. By road as well as by train also. 1) No internet required for “Trigger Alarm”, (Internet required only for set location. & do not turn-off Location) 2) If app will close from screen then it will work backgraound also, 3) And also work when mobile is locked conditions.

I love this app. I am a long time fan of the Navigator app too. Just a suggestion, please add a feature to turn on my phone’s GPS at a specified time, so that I needn’t keep it on throughout the journey, saving battery.

  • Thank you, we are considering a power saving feature in one of future releases. You cannot turn off GPS completely though because the app wouldn’t know where you are

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