Walkroid – Measure distance between any two points by walk

[App] Walkroid – Simple pedometer

WalkroidWalkroid – simple pedometer – displays your today’s steps and distance.

It also has trip meters so that you can measure distance between any two points by walk or steps each walking.
In addition to the normal application, widget is available.

Unfortunately some devices stop the accelerometer in the device when the screen is OFF, the app doesn’t run well on such devices.

About Permissions
SYSTEM TOOLS: needed for running when the screen is off.
STORAGE: needed for saving backup of logs in the SDCARD.

Walkroid user reviews :

Inaccurate. I’ll walk the same path and each lap I do it will tell me I’ve walked a vastly different distance. Yesterday it said my first lap was 1.02 miles, the second lap (exact same path) was 1.5 miles. The app also randomly closes. I’ve gone for walks only to discover the app had closed and didn’t register anything. I’m just going to upgrade to an old fashioned hip worn pedometer so I can stop guessing how far I’ve actually walked.

I have used this app for years with no issues. In the last month or two, it has a bug. It will end a day normally but wont start the next day. The numbers are orange, which is correct, but it wont record steps till I hit the stop button, then the start. I have contacted the developers by email.

I have used this app for 5+ years and it has served me very well. It’s a simple step-counting app, just as it says on the box. My only complaint is that they added a backup only after I switched phones and started over haha. It’s a wonderful app, and if you’re just looking for a step-counter app and nothing more, this is the app to download

  • Thank you for your high rating. We are glad you like it and use it.

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