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WalkroidWalkroid – simple pedometer – displays your today’s steps and distance. It also has trip meters so that you can measure distance between any two points by walk or steps each walking.

In addition to the normal application, widget is available.

*** CAUTION ***
Unfortunately some devices stop the accelerometer in the device when the screen is OFF, the app doesn’t run well on such devices.

twitter: hxxp://twitter.com/walkroid

About Walkroid Permissions
SYSTEM TOOLS: needed for running when the screen is off.
STORAGE: needed for saving backup of logs in the SDCARD.

Walkroid user reviews :

Great little app – simple and accurate pedometer, does exactly what it says. I love the unobtrusive widget too. It is, however, a serious drain on the battery. I wasn’t quite ready for just how much juice it would suck – within four hours of fully charging it was practically flat.

Love it… eats down the juice a bit though

Hit “start” at the beginning of my 2-mile walk & the idiot thing says I walked 217 steps. Terrible! Tried a second time: hit start, made sure it was counting, walked vigorously for 30 min. Result? 232 steps. Save your time & buy a $10 pedometer instead.

I’ve installed it on Galaxy S II and have to say that if you put the correct size of your step then it is very accurate compare to many others I’ve tried. I like it! I’d wish it have calories burned, please add.

This works well and doesn’t seem to drain the battery on mine. It will also run in the background with the screen off. (Nexus phone) I like it.

This is a nice app, but I do not want my screen ON when I am using it. I place my phone in my pocket instead of holding on to it so would like the screen OFF. If that issue is resolved I will use this app again. Since this does not work with the screen OFF, I have no use for this app. Thunderbolt

I have the samsung conquer 4g and I’m sure at times it may miss a step or add steps not taken but this app is still near perfect. Simple yet effective.

Love it just perfect for my needs.

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