Metal Detector – The accuracy depends entirely on your magnetic sensor

[App] Metal Detector

Metal DetectorMetal Detector is in the 3rd set of the Smart Tools collection.

<< Metal Detector apps require a magnetic sensor (magnetometer). If this app does not work properly, please check the specifications of your device. >>

This app measures magnetic field with an embedded magnetic sensor.
The magnetic field level (EMF) in nature is about 49μT(micro tesla) or 490mG(milli gauss); 1μT = 10mG. When any metal(steel, iron) is near, magnetic field level will increase.

Usage is simple: Open the app, and move it around. The magnetic field level will constantly fluctuate. That’s it!

You can find electrical wires in the walls (like a stud detector) and iron pipes in the ground.

A lot of ghost hunters had downloaded this app, and they had experimented as a ghost detector.

The accuracy depends entirely on your magnetic sensor (magnetometer). Note that it is affected by electronic equipment (TV, PC, microwave) due to electromagnetic waves.

Main features:
Alarm level
Beep sound
Sound effect on/off
Material design

Pro version added features:
No ads
Sharing GPS location
Qibla finder, Car locator

Do you want more tools?
download [Smart Compass Pro] and [Smart Tools 2] package.

For more information, watch YouTube and visit the blog. Thank you.

Metal detector cannot detect gold, silver and coins made of copper. They are classified as non-ferrous metal that has no magnetic field.

Metal Detector user reviews :

The app it self is great for what is intend to be used for so like looking for wire’s in walls ect but if your looking for like treasure or rings ect this is not it mainly due to the range of the magnetic sensor for me it only reached maximum of 10cm I tested it with steal, copper and iron. copper was the least visible out of all of them but apart from that the app it self is great no ads very simple to use a small recommendation to the developer is to add some sort of instructions/introduction

THIS APP IS COOL, i tried this on the beach in sand and i have found 5 metals and 2 METAL RINGS, you have to try this app right now, you can test some metal things like, metal gate, metal door, metal cup, car, and other metal things, i really love this app.

It works as it should. Although if your phone doesn’t have a megnetic sensor, it’s useless. My compass app comes with a megnetic field indicator, so there is no use of the app.

I rate it because it does detect metal but i would like it to do differn’t types of metal i tried my earbuds and it worked but when i tried a metal chair it didn’t work, so i think it was a differn’t type of metal. And thats why i rate it a 4 star

This is actually real this metal ditector has really good sensors I must say it’s really good and a %100 real the only problem is that you have to be really close to work but I still rate it a 5 star

I was apprehensive about this app working, but I verified every measurement with a magnetic stud finder, and it ACTUALLY DOES WORK.

Some metal cannot be detected by this app and i wonder why? But still 4 because it work, you need to be very close to the object to work.

Ok. So I turn it on for the first time,and after calibrating, set it on the couch beside me to see if it detects the metal…which it does nicely. Then as I pick it up, it goes instantly up to 110, then just as fast falls back down to about 66. I’ve replicated the same movements several times, and it never goes past 70. Not sure what it picked up for those few moments, but it sure made my cat a bit nervous. I have to give 5 stars just for the weirdness, which I very much enjoyed.

Use it to find the base shafts buried in our Little League infield before every game. Works great!

Surprisingly cool! Needed to find wires in the wall – the app helped. Also, it located the pipes inside too. The only challenge was I knew the wires and pipes were somewhere in here; if not that, it would have been an issue to actually trace them. For the latter, the app needs a feature to plot high magnetic density areas on a scheme so that you could guess what looks like a wire or a plumbing.

Okay so I was not expecting this to be real I was expecting one of those fake scale/thermal sensor apps but no This This actually works

Wow never thought that this app could really detect any metal just u have to bring ur phone around any metal and then the detector will continuously sound like alarm clock…… It’s really a great app it’s offline + no ads and no subscription….. Great devs not unlike other 1000 fake apps which shows metal detector … But this is the only one real metal detector app in play store….. Appreciate devs again

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