War and Empires – Regain the holy city

[Game] War and Empires – 4X RTS Battle

War and EmpiresWar and Empires is a war strategy game set in the Middle Ages.

It tells a story about the ferocious barbarians continued to expand into the empire’s territory and occupied the holy city symbolizing imperial power in the dark ages!

In order to eliminate the barbarians and regain the imperial power, the lords of various territories established alliances and launched a decisive battle against the barbarians. You will play as one of the lords in the alliance, recruit famous officers to lead, train powerful troops, and unite all the rebellious alliances of the empire to eliminate the invaders, finally achieve world peace by establishing a strong Guild, regain the holy city and reshape the glory of the empire!


1. Freely Troops Marching System
The game breaks through the traditional SLG control method and adopts the most advanced free marching system that allows players to command multiple troops on the big map battlefield, freely to march, garrison, roundabout, and flanking at will. Even without a strong troop, you can prevail and win the final victroy relying on your excellent leadership and strategies!

2. Vivid War Strategy Topography
The game uses 3D high-resolution image quality and reproduces a variety of real topography. Grasslands, snowfields, deserts, oceans, and abundant landforms allow your strategic talents to be better utilized. Plus, we have simulated wild monsters of famous war on the big map: Wild orcs, Boar Riders, Trolls, Wizards, Treants, Giants, and Dragons, which aim to bring you back to magical era when legends emerged!

3. Multiplayer Combat on Same Screen
Virtual monsters are certainly powerful, but fighting againist real players is more complicated. Personal strength can only be king for a while. There is not only one opponent you will face, it could be an entire Guild, or even more. But global players interact in real time. Find like-minded friends to build alliance and have a hearty multiplayer field battle!

4. Reproduce Legendary Hero
Using the next-gen high-precision modeling to reproduce the shape of historical characters. The unlimited potential of heroes can be stimulated through a variety of training and strengthening mechanisms. You can choose different civilization at the beginning. The combat units unique to each country are all famous war machines that served the countries throughout history. Great heroes remembered by history are waiting for your recruitment! King Arthur! Caesar! Attila! You can lead the army of the legendary hero in the game, and launch attacks on your enemies!

Millions of players have joined this battlefield to defend the holy city. Show off your strategic talents and seize the supreme imperial power, and conquer this land!

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E-mail: gohma.feedback[at]gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/warandempires
Discord: discord.gg/bD7k4MdH

War and Empires user reviews :

Edit my review, the game looks more stable now since they do the maintenance. If you’re strategy player try this game out since it’s not too many player right now it’s good opportunity to start and build your empire with.

  • Dear lord, thank you for your love and affirmation of our game, we are committed to providing you with a quality gaming experience, and hope that our game will bring you joy in your spare time. We will continue to optimize all aspects of the game in the future.Thank you for your support.Have a good day.

Would definitely give more stars but you can’t get past the chapter 1 loading screen. It just freezes and doesn’t let you do anything.

  • Dear lord, what problem did you encounter in the game? You can send us your questions in the in-game avatar-settings-customer service, where we can help you solve your problems faster and in more detail. Have a good day.

Again I already posted something but I would of rate it higher…but the lag and login is just too much it gets to 60% loading and it stays there I have full bars and updated phone no problem with network still problem only time it would start is when on wifi and then that sometimes don’t work but when it start good game pretty much the same as Rise Of Kingdom…but I glad I didn’t spend no money on this game…so I say my goodbyes

  • Dear lord, could you please provide more details with your game account? You can send us your questions in the avatar-Setting-Help, where we can help you solve your problems faster and in more detail. Have a good day.

The game is too clunky , alot of things are unclear as what to do. Need a magnifying glass to see the things on screen.

  • Dear lord, thank you for your feedback. The game is currently being optimized, and we will continue to optimize the guidance and graphics in the future. If you have any suggestions or comments, you can let us know. Thanks for your support.

I genuinely DO NOT like games that force you to join alliances. If joining an alliance is required to play the game then just divide the game into preexisting alliances from the very beginning. Otherwise, it’s a decent game.

  • Dear lord, thanks for your feedback, as for your concern, please note that whether you want to join the alliance is totally depended on yourself, but join alliance will bring you much more benefits, such as the alliance help, tech, rewards and etc. Hope you can know it and have a good day!

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